Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mohammed Abourabe


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Latest Update: Final Image: Soul Of Piece


hi there wish a good luck for everyone .
here I’m but this time I’m too late . but I will work very
hard to complete my mission.I couldn’t post my steps earlier because of some technical problems and this is my first sketch


the main sketch of my piece . its very simple .but
I understand what I’m doing .


and now the first coloring test .


the coloring step . and the coloring is good !


it seems good to me I hope I can complete the whole piece
in the right time .


a main view of the whole piece .


I did some changes on the perspective of the piece and added some details and colors to it .


ok people I just want to finish it as fast as i can !



I think that u r too layte ,and u have to be so fas… I dont know what to say but r u sure that u can finish it in the right time???:surprised


here is my new update . i hope u like it .


actually I’m very late but I hope I can finish it in the right time .
any way thank u my Tarek .:slight_smile:


sometimes we draw strange things withiut known reason and we feel that this things wants to tell us something that we cant understand what that things says . in this case we can expect any act from our personal work , because it takes a part of our soul when we are working on it from the heart .


Realy great results and Idea…:slight_smile:
I don’t belive that u made it in that time wow :scream:
Abourabe I know u for along time and u know that ,but I didnt know that u r in that fast in drowing man u did a great work.:thumbsup:


Hello man >>>


nice to see you here :slight_smile:

nice & Great Job man…Wow>>

ya…really nic one…:thumbsup:

keep it going…:bounce:

5 stars…

And Good luck…:applause:


thnx Tarek for nice comment I’m very glad u like it . and I have to make this one in this short time just for join this great challange I know it can be better if I give it some more time .
but no broblem anyway .

merran " thank u my freind . I hope a good luck for u man .
see u:thumbsup:


ok I think I dont take my time in this challange but I hope a better luck in the next challange :slight_smile:


I bet he wish he never painted that now huh… hahaha. Nice work!! :thumbsup:


ok Hiun I think so ha ha .
glad u like it !


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