Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michal Lisowski


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Latest Update: Final Image: I wanna be Jackie Onassis


Hi all, i decided to start-up :slight_smile:

Here’s first sketch of bathroom, i want to place here a fat guy who want to be a preety girl :slight_smile: He singing, workin’ with lashes, fell like a woman :slight_smile:

Could be funny, I hope.



looks nice already! welcome and good luck!


Start working with some environment.
Also ready with sketches of the fat singer :slight_smile:

First I’ll try to work with grayscale, especially with lights.

Crit & comms most welcome!

cheers :slight_smile:


Here’s second WIP, working in grayscale, mainly overall view, lighting. Looks simply.

Also I placed fat guy on the piece.


Fajne :thumbsup:

The image looks already verry cool, and he have almost the same bathroom`s size like mine :smiley:

Anyway good luck and have fun :bounce:


This is already great. I’m waiting for more !!!:thumbsup:


funny idea! I look forward to seeing it finished!


Hey Michal, cool concept a nice sketches!! I like the perspective for the bathroom, great man!!:thumbsup: we can see all the room!! and the pose for the guy is nice!! Great work mate and looking forward for more updates !! :beer:


Thanks for support guys :slight_smile:

I have added colour and some details. Actually work to achieve some interesting atmosphere and still details, details, details…



Actually I have modified colours of my hero, I hope it works better than earlier. Also added some details, to makes this bathroom little dirty and fusty.

cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Michal, really cool update, i like a lot your palet and colours and the bathroom looks a little dirty, great man!! :smiley:

I think the little bench beside the bathtube is small in relation with the all bathroom, and the perspective is forced to the right when the bathtube perspective is forced to the left (and i think your forced perspective of the bathroom is really great :slight_smile: ), only a comment :slight_smile: Again great work mate! :thumbsup:


Welcome again,

here’s piece with some new steps, added some details of bathroom, especially floor and equipment of drag queen :wink:

cheers, any comms are most wanted :slight_smile:


WoW! Great idea! Very funny and oryginal. I can’t wait to see the finished version,

Również pozdrawiam krajana:)


I have already change some colours, add some details, like bottles etc.

Hope, it looks better.

any comms most welcome

cheers :slight_smile:


damn! this is awesome! :eek: what caught my attention was the lighting and colour shades! wonderfully done! i especially love the way you draped the clothes :stuck_out_tongue:
a few suggestions …

  • how about he wearing a hat? those really fancy … pink kissed . lacy types … :wink:
  • earrings … a bit more jewellery … bangles etc …
  • i think the shadow behind the mirror is missing …
    all in all … this is one of my favs :D:p … looking forward to the next update :wink:

cheers bro! :beer:


Add some jewellery (thanks nwiz25, so helpfull :slight_smile: ).


Your work is spectacular! Lovely use of tones, very natural and masterful execution of light. The perspective view is very strange as well, I can’t quite figure it out, like a strange camera lens.:smiley: The verticals don’t match:) I suppose that’s purposeful?


Agree with NEville, but hey man, wicked!!!Totally madness, and some times o so true I think,hahahaha!NIce!


hehe… very sexy!