Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michael Wilson


Michael Wilson is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Asking for a Raise


Hey it’s great to see you in this one! Bring it on!


Thanks for the support. I’ll be posting a sketch sometime soon.


Glad you decided to enter Miketche, it’s gonna be fun.

Steve 8)


Good luck, I’ll be following this closely!



Good luck mate. I wish you all the best! :thumbsup:


Ok, here’s my concept. The little mouse employee is asking the big boss for a raise.


xD i love the tail holding


lol only the brave get a raise

nice one


if the little mouse help the big TREX from the tie, it would be even funnier… Great idea… good luck


That’s one strong image already. I agree with Frooosty - the tail holding is a really nice touch


I too realy like the concept, the nervous tail handeling behaviour is an inspired idea.

Steve 8)


dunno whats strange about that…looks like my real boss…lol
looking good


Here I’ve started to block out the basic shape of the T-Rex. More detail to come.


You’ve started modeling! Excellent! I guess that when you get to it, the T-rex’s chair will be a bit ‘modified’ in order to accommodate the large lower body shape and legs.

I’m not feeling any more optimistic about the mouse’s chances


Yes, It’s going to be very interesting to see how I am going to sit him down in a chair. Also a wearing a business suit.


Now I’m starting to work in more detail.


Looking at this model I’m building, I really now wish I had BodyPaint.


More detail on the T-Rex


I love it! And the head modeling is especially good :thumbsup: With the chairs and business suit, that should be great fun - so T-Rex just happens to wear extra-extra-extra-large suits with tailored small sleaves and that should just make it all look so much funnier.