Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


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Latest Update: Final Image: ‘Wandering Monsters’


I knew I’d see you here. Best of luck Michael, it’ll be a pleasure to follow your progress on this challege.


Hey hey Micheal!!!Nice to see you’re in.This thread will rock!!!Your first challenge as a father all along!Wish you ooads of fun!


Well, here we go again! :slight_smile:

Before it was announced, I wasn’t sure whether I would have time to enter this one or not, but even with a baby to take care of, four solid months should be enough time for anyone to finish a Challenge! (and yet, some people will still enter and “complete” their entire entries three days before the deadline, go figure!)

But given that most of the art I would be doing anyhow fits into the Strange category, I should be okay. See you all around… Have fun, y’all!


Hey Walrus it’s nice to see you again. Waiting for your art mate ! :beer:


hey mike:)glad to see u here,im sure this thread will rock big time:scream:

all the best and good luck


hey mike!

great you joined and best of luck and fun to you :smiley:

maybe we see some cuddly aliens or so from you ;).

it realy would be great if you come up with something :smiley:


Welcome back Mike

Expecting great things as always

Good Luck in the Challenge



As soon as I saw the title I hoped you’d join, I’m sure this will be a fascinating thread to follow, best of luck, Walrus!


Heya Mike, Welocme to the Challenge and Keep it Odd!


Well Michael , I’m a big fan of yours and I cant wait to see what you will come up with :twisted:


Always a fan of your works, Michael. Best of luck.


ayeah walrus is in welcome my purple fiend:D! wouldnt have been half as fun without you, good to see you join this :smiley: best of luck and have lots of fun mate, let it rock :smiley:


hi Walrus :slight_smile: glad you have time to do this challenge I know you are going to do something ermm strange…


Wotcah Michael… I’m gonna join you on this one, i just couldn’t resist…

Good luck! (And i hope everything in Zachland is going wonderfully!)


I think this summs up Zachland pretty well right now:

Lots of smiles, much happiness.

But I think we all have an agreement around the house that I’d go crazy if I weren’t working on something artistic, so it might as well be this. Zach doesn’t begrudge me my need to create as long as I spend time with him too. It mainly means my art time is not late at night and early in the mornings. :shrug:

Anyhow, it’s good to be back. This part of the challenge is like coming back to summer camp after having been gone for almost a year, or getting back to school after summer vacation, and catching up with all your friends you haven’t seen in a while: Hey, how’s it going? How was your summer? What’d you do? What are you studying this semester? :slight_smile:


good luck man, lets pull out another winner =)


OMG, that is the CUTEST baby ever! Okay, apart from mine…heh!

Glad to see you entered, Mike! Looking forward to your nonchalant and astounding brilliance… :wink:


Hey Mike, I’m glad fatherhood isn’t keeping you out of this challenge. That’s one mighty cute baby by the way. Good luck mate. I look forward to watching your work develop


Saying hi to some of the guys i remember from a few challenges back…here we are again.

Looking forward to it…good luck to you.