Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Matt Jones


Matt Jones has entered “Strange Behavior (Illustration)”.


Another challenge - only this time I have plenty of time to devote to it :twisted:

Great topic, I can think of a several paths to take with this one, let’s just hope i can choose the best one and get something out of this challenge that I will be proud of.

I hope everyone that visits my thread is inspired by what they see. I will try my best to regularly visit as many threads as I can!

Good luck everyone!!




Not given the challenge much thought tonight, will work on the other quick concept before putting my head down and looking at this one.

Good luck!


The reason for no concept work is because I am now taking part in the team challenge which I have busily been working on. Hopefully I will still have something to put on this thread that I will take from the main project.


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