Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Matt Ellis


Hey thanks for the comment Hiun:D

Here is just some more detailing , I hope to get the baby done very soon :smiley:



Hey Matellis! I really like your idea. It reminds me of Jim Hensons old ‘storyteller’ seiries where everything is a little bit magic and not quite what it seems! Nice color scheme!


Hey thanks Brooke ,

I am glad you like my painting. Right now my main focus is making sure the idea reads well. I just hope it comes across easy. Thats why I put the broken down shack on the left side with a lot of contrast. Hoping that people see that first then the toddler building the city :smiley:



Just doing more detailing. I will change some of the anatomy of the toddler soon :smiley:



more detailing and color correcting going on now :smiley:



Hey Everyone,
This is my entry for the Strange Behavior Challenge.
The idea behind this painting is that this toddler was left out in the woods all alone, with nothing but a run-down shack in which to live. But instead of fixing up this shack he needlessly builds a huge city out of mud while his little old shack is falling apart and confusing the local wilf life.
Thanks to everyone for all the great crits and advice!

Cheers :smiley:


Beautiful work Matt!

Congrats on a fantastic entry! :thumbsup:



Congratulations for your Price Matt ! :thumbsup:


Hah! You’re really making this look easy bro… Congrats on yet another buttkicking served to us mere mortals:bowdown:

Love the final Matt, it has a real fantasy glow to it


Congrats Matt on the MATTE award. Hahaha. I am not the least bit surprised, super job my friend!! :buttrock:


Hey thanks guys!

I really wasnt expecting to win anything at all. I almost had to change my pants when I checked out the winners! hehe

I owe a big thanks to everyone that helped me out with all the great and honest crits during the process of this painting! THANK YOU!

Cheers everyone :smiley:


congratulations mate~wow~:thumbsup:


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