Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Matt Ellis


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Latest Update: Final Image: Strange Ambition


Good luck to you dude, hurry up and conceptualize!! :smiley:


thanks matt for telling me this,its a shame i didnt make it on the last challenge though,
i’ll make sure i finish this one though i’ll be bz from time to time.:thumbsup:good luck and all the best to ya!


yay matt :smiley:

good luck mate :smiley:

lets brainstorm later on irc or so :wink:

and go to bed :bounce:


Hey everyone!

Thought I would post up a quick 20 min sketch I did at work tonight. Still tons to work on thou. I will more then likely change the composition and the the pose of the baby.

The idea is a baby creating a great peice of art. I have some more ideas I want to do with this but I will save those for the next update :smiley:



Hey everyone, this is my entry so far. :smiley:

The idea is that this baby lives in an old broken down shed/outhouse and comes out everyday to build a huge city out of anything he can find laying around.

I still have much to fix and add to this but this is the concept so far. I will have some animals in the trees etc watching him build this grand city. As well a box of toys that are never used with grass and moss growing around and inside the box. And a few other things going on.



concept is looking good.Looking forward for more.Best of luck:thumbsup:


Hey everyone :smiley:

Here is an update. So the story with this image is that this baby lives out in the wild all alone. And instead of making his run down shack better he spends his time making a huge city out of mud. I am in the middle of designing some animals to put into the scene as well. They will all be sitting around the tree laughing and point at the baby.

Cheers! :smiley:


Nice. Maybe you could add a dark rainy cloud emerging in the background. That would surely be the end of that city! :twisted:


HAHA Martin thats a great idea! I will try that out for sure , thanks a lot :smiley:



Martin is a joker hahaha, ‘rainy cloud’ that is funny :smiley: I really like where this is so far Matt, I look forward to your update and those animals :bounce:


Hey everyone,

Just another update , Starting to detail out the background. :smiley:

Kamal: thanks man , I just checked out your image earlier today and its looking pretty sweet.



I can’t stress how much I really really like this piece. It is really comfortable to stare at. Love it love it love it… more more more!:slight_smile:


Hey everyone ,

Just another update , I started doing some more detailing as well as designing the raccons that will be hanging around :smiley:



STartiing to do some more detailing to this painting now. Figuring out the lighting as well as the characters. Next I will start working on the baby and try and get the right expression. Hopefully that will help the read of this image much more.



Alright I finally have some time to work on this. So I hope to finish on time.

Right now I am starting to work on some detailing all around the image and moving a few things here and there to hopefully help the composition.

Any crits would be great!



Just another update.

I decided to add some flowers to bring in some of that sky color into the foreground.



It coming along really well Matt!! :thumbsup: Happy to see you’re still in it.


Just another update here :smiley:

Starting to do some more color adjusting and small detailing.



Lovely color adjusment, it’s getting a lot richer!! :thumbsup: