Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


exquisite work Mathias! :scream::eek::bounce::smiley: everything is simply spellbinding!! very inviting indeed! very glad to have met an artist like you! great attention to detail and so much personality! :eek: congratulations on your fine piece! certainly one my favs! good luck with the judging my friend! :thumbsup: god bless ya! :love:


Hey Mathias theres something really great in your work , it’s that from beginning till the end all the step are wonderful you could stop when you want . Congratulations .


Such a powerful picture… Simply brilliant!!:drool:


Beautiful illustration.
I like the mood, light and palette.


wow, I come home after a 20 hours flight over the half world and what do I see…page 10 yeah^^
big thx guys, I can`t wait to start a new piece
I hope that with this challenge work I can break through to a more professional side of illustration

Japan was just an incredible place to be, very inspirational and an unforgetable experience


this one’s definitely on top of my list! Brilliant job and so cute :slight_smile:


wow, i really like your painting style.

great pic. best of luck to you.


Thanks for the comments and the guestbook entry man! and yes, with time we’ll find our own little niche in the industry! Anyway, I guess everything has been said about your piece so no new or fresh adjectives to post, just a thank you for the comments and help around the thread. Your work is awsome and its also awsome how you helped others! Keep it up homie!


wow…Congratulations…Mr.guterrez…you finished a great work…:scream: …keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


thank you everybody, I feel so happy now the hole contest thing is over, all the work done…Id love to party with you guys tonight...thats the only thing that really bothers me…everyone is thousands of kilometers away, spread around the hole globe
well to mark the occasion I`l go and get myself a beer now, whoever wants to participate is more than welcome^^


PS.:minminxu: I love your writing style, makes me always happy when I read it…guess I like this Mr.Gutterez very much haha


Depressingly great and gorgeously cute. I would say this nails the brief perfectly, but I saw two Trolls in Starbucks yesterday with mocha’s and muffins so perhaps it isn’t so strange after all… :wink:



hahaha, yeah Starbucks is always full of Trolls; there are living several tribes of them under the tables so be carefull there


hahaha… great finish Mathias!


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :scream::bounce: congratulations:applause: once again for the award bro! u seriously gonna win this one!! :stuck_out_tongue: love your work all the way! :love:


thx bro, Im proud as hell and at the same time I could cry like a lil girl cause Im so happy right now…well a 1,90m girl with lots of facial hair and muscles but hey, that`s strange behaviour^^


you are the master ! :thumbsup:


Really amazing work! :bounce: Mathias!
I can’t wait to meet you next Challenge. looking forward to your new works:scream:
and thank you very much indeed ,for your kindness. hahah:)
Wish you all the best !:thumbsup:


This is amazing, i love the whole idea… it made me laugh when i saw this, everythin mixes so well, cheers


Amazing!!just amazing.1 of my favs!Congratz on such a great finish man!Wish you all the best and hope to see you next time again!Cheerssss!!!


thx guys, was big fun to work within such a creative community, Ill definately participate next time too and Ill work my ass off to make a better piece^^

hey Okmer, thx for the kind words man; your picture had lots of potential, also unfnished it looks damn cool, a shame you couldn`t finish it
see you at the next challenge for sure