Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


Hey Mathias, awesome, simply awesome my friend!! I love the whole concept, great!! Beautiful detailed painting, cool!! and the lighting for the scene its superb ( Rembrandt would be proud :slight_smile: ) The contrast between the leafs mantle over the left orc and the spikes armor of the right orc, is a really nice touch!! The delicate pose on the orcs hands its amazing and emphasizes the concept on a wonderful way !! and I love all the tea party members !! (the kitties are so cute and charming … i love that detail!! :smiley: ) Congratulations Mathias for this awesome art work !! Best of uck!! ( and I’m saving your image in my HD…:smiley: ) … and now … yes!! time for full the kettle with tequila !! Cheers my friend!! :beer:


Mathias, congradulations finishing you piece! It’s looking amazing…

The last set of details hit quick and hard, you are a master of lighting. I think you’ve done an excellent job in capturing the essence of the challenge topic at first sight too. the colors are fantastic, thanks for the hi-res images btw, and can’t wait for your final story…

best of luck in the judging system…


excellent image !
Very nice ligthing, and amazing painting. The idea is simple, but very well done. The orcs looks terrible, and all the dolls and toys are sweet ^^ I love the close ups.
You have a great piece ! good work :wink:


Congratulations on finishing Matthias. It’s been a long road, but well worth it. You have a great picture to put your name to.

Have a fantastic time in Japan too - have you had time to pack :slight_smile:


thank you a million times for all your kind words, makes a smile on my face for the time in Japan…if someone of you is in Tokio the next 2 weeks send me a message and I`ll buy you a Sake^^
walrus: yeah I wanted this puppet back in also but I found no proper place for it 8[

Thaldir,Maxter,authentic: thx guys, I`m glad you dig my work!

Jassar, you`re damn right my friend

ashiataka: thank you, Im glad you think that way cause there are about 2 things in this picture that are bothering me, but I cant look objective on this anymore I guess^^

Ferx:thx man, tequila is the right stuff I think… kampai my friend:beer:

Jeffparadox,Lc,Ordibble P. Lop: thx, really appreciated
I`ll uplaoad the final and the story during the day
and Ordibble: no, I had no time to pack, but my girlfriend had lucky as I am^^



Great image! this one is going into my inspiration folder for sure.
Strong concept and nicely excecuted! Kudos for that!

If i’m really picky I would say that maybe the jar on the table looks a bit off in perspective. But it’s a great image as it is do don’t fix anything :). One of the best so far I think.



“For 500 years the orcish race suffered from slavery and depression. Subjugated by the cruel humans the orcs waited for the moment to rebel against their hairless masters and to rise up to the top of society again.
After the great war was won, the orcs started to create the foundation for an advanced cilvilization of their own.
On their way they assimilated many old traditions of mankind and so it comes that scenes like this can be found everywhere in the huge kingdom of the orcs”

well, I know it won`t win a price for literature but I hope it makes the background clearer (not hard to get the point for this picture at all^^)

I wish you all best of luck in this last week, cheers my friends


Wow, what an amazing final image! :eek: Amazingly great idea (and very easy to understand: it’s just 100% humor :slight_smile: ) and an even more amazing execution! The forms, colors and lighting reminds me of Rembrandt’s work, what you can see as a compliment! :thumbsup:

I wonder: do you use special brushes, or just the default ones? And do they work with opacity by tabletpresure?

Now that you’re finished you can take a well deserved rest! :scream:


Congratulations on a wonderful piece of work.

Well done and good luck.



This image is really as funny as well made ! I wish you all the best for the week to come !


An amazing picture ! I love it !
Great great job Mathias !


arigato guys, I really appreciate all your comments
I am kind of nervous about the coming week in this challenge but I guess here in Japan are enough things to bring some other thoughts into my poor brain
great entries are popping out everyewhere as I have seen so far, best of luck to all of you


Congratz on a amazing finish man!!!Lov it!Nice little story and indeed most of the story is in your pic so well one more time “great”!!!
Very best of luck and hope to see you around in the next challenge.


Bravo! Congrats on an excellent image.


wow awesome painting man!.. i really liked this one from the beginning… i wish ya all the best!!


Strong start and strong finish, congratulations my friend! :thumbsup:


Excellent picture. One of the best of the challenge.


Strong funny concept at a glimpse and gorgeous Fantasy artwork. U re in my Top 3 ! Bests. :applause:


Man, this is one awesome piece. The rendering is really excellent. A winner.


Hey Mathias, I’ve enjoyed this post all the way through the final since it started. There’s not much more I can say that hasnt been said, but without question it is one of the more striking and memorable pieces on the forum. The composition, palette and style all came together on this one!