Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


lol, if I grabed my cat like that it would kill me!


Oh !!! The nice and civilized gentlemen !

Very nice ligthing like Rembrandt.



slowly this piece is crawling to the finish line; many parts arent done 100% yet but theyre not far away
I mostly tried to get the center of the image, the table done
Ill add some more flowers and highlights, thats it
I`ve also changed the puppet, if you want the earlier version also in just tell me^^


Kei-Acedera: what shall I say, it`s an honor to hear this from you; especially your work and Bobby Chius pictures inspired me for this scene
your characters always show so much personality and life, I guess I borrowed some of the magic from you :wink:

Jassar: haha man I had the hole day this picture in my head of you and your cat fighting^^
guess the kitten knows not to mess with an orc

karko: thats a big compliment, thank you...Im not sure if I deserve it yet but I`ll work on my skills until I do^^


Hey Mathias, nice update mate! I like a lot the right bottom corner doll, cool!!.
You change the cookies plate, i prefer your first plate ( perhaps with some of the new delicious strawberry chocolates :smiley: ), only a comment. Again, awesome work my friend!! Cheers!! :beer:


Wow! this is an incredible work! I like everything about it, especially your dramatic
lighting, softness of your brush and color palette!
Excellent piece of work, Mathias!


Wow! Incredible lightning :thumbsup:
It’s a really strange scene, great work!


MAN!!! your work realy impressed me! i love it you painting style…great job!!!


Hey nice work so far, i would say the light on the sugarcup is a bit off, the pink sweets don’t work so well with the rest, and the bunny still needs perspective ajustment.
Any ways you’re going ftw.


I come very late in here and so I just discovered your piece. That’s so so funny !
Personally, I like the light and the orc’s faces ! The best thing of the picture (for me) is the way the one on the right is holding his cup ! So delicately… :slight_smile:

I must confess that I’m not disturbed by the pink sweets, 'cause it remind the games of little girls… We are almost at tea time between Alice and the madhatter in Alice in Wonderland. Visually, I don’t see anything wrong with it but it is only my feeling ! :slight_smile:

I look forward seing the final piece, with the way you will handled the soft toys and dolls on the corners !


Great idea, very funny and very well done! The color and light is awesome! Good Luck!


hey Ferx, thx for your comment
I also like the old cookie plate quite much, but this new one symbolizes this petty bourgeois (awefull term, if someone knows a better one please tell me^^) lifestyle/teaparty thing much better imo

varma, olive2d, mosena, Nemesix: thx guys, this pushes me over the last meters in this race :wink:

Chrysale: thx man, Im glad you like it (even its not the only teaparty in the competition as far as I`ve seen…well, teapartys4ever^^)
I also like what these pinkish “Punschkrapferl” stand for

kazziu: thx for your crits man, Im always open for that but could you prezise your point a bit, you have to keep in mind that Im looking at this piece far too long already :wink:
especially the perspective problem with the bunny…

at least I can just say things are going well, the next update I`ll do will be the finished pic…should come in the next days I hope



hey guys, I think Ive done it I pimped everything I thought should be pimped and I hope I have finished this piece now Ill submit the final piece with story tomorrow, so I thought if anyone of you find some serious issues you can tell me until sunday…

last but not least I want to say that this challenge was a great experience for me; not only that Ive pushed myself as far as I could at the moment, Im also part of an awesome comunity which I was always looking for but never really found - thank you for this guys and gals



here are some close ups for those who are interested:


Looks great, Mathias! Congratulations on finishing! All of the areas that I was still wondering about have been very nicely refined… tha armor, the hands, the ceramic, the paws and other details on that lower kitten… And lots of really nice other details too, like the kitten playing with the hair, the daisies in the upper left, nice metallic texture accents on the servingware… I still miss the original doll from the lower right with her happy eyes - you said you’d put her back in! - but aside from that, no complaints here. Didn’t you say you were off to Japan now or somehting like that? Welll have a great trip, and rest easy knowing you’ve finished a great piece!


Magnificent! :thumbsup:
Heart-felt congratulations on finishing with such a great piece, Mathias.


Fantastic image…very funny…I really like your original style full of details and color…


Just congrats for finishing this excellent piece. One of the funniest entry I think.


Wonderful image mate! congrats on finishing it… now I guess is a good time for a nice cup of tea :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck!


Hey Mathias, Congratulations! This is an amazing piece. Your progress period was so cheerful. Everything seems well done, all details make the viewer look on to the every point of the image. Cheers!