Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


wellwellwell…contest is ending soon and my motivation to work on this picture is slightly decreasing; two good reasons to finish this piece fast
here`s a little update, mostly detailing out the stuff on the table and the pets
the biggest change with this update I guess is the second cat which replaced the plate with cookies
I think it makes the pic more alive and tracks the viewer back into the scene (at least I hope so)
more flowers will follow on the table; the one which is already there is finished for me, also the sugar cup and the tea cup more or less
hope to get some feedback on this also

PS.:thx for all the positive feedback, it encourages me more to work on than anything else right now^^


Wow, really stunning. Love the addition of the second cat this is a really nice addition and adds a further dimension to the story while strengthening the compostion I think. No other cc just to say look forward to seeing the hands compeleted. Brilliant.


Well Mathias, to be honest… Like any picture you can keep adding and adding and adding without end. On a whole, this piece is complete, you can’t possibly see how you would bring the painting to life anymore. The only thing you can do now is nitpick at things that bug you or add tiny details no one will probably ever see till 5 years later…hahaha. Just close the painting. Search hard and close-up for anything that sticks out at hi-res (which we will never see) or needs cleaning up and just get them done. Your painting to me is complete and says all that needs to be said and then some (poor kitty:twisted: ) I personally like the expressive/unrefined textures… it adds what I will call “painterly depth” :smiley: If it isn’t tightly painted, no need to look there, stepping out of focus!:slight_smile:
Fantastic job Mathias, really great work! Honored having been able to follow your thread:thumbsup:
My best wishes!


Hey Mathias, your refinement is fabulous and I hope you can finish this to your satisfaction in the time left.

I feel a bit of a pooh saying this at this point, but I am not too keen on the hand at the top right. I always thought the strange behaviour here is that the orcs are having a cheerful tea party, but the cat being held doesn’t look too comfortable and seems to me like he is being deliberatley held away - to me it’s almost like the orcs have gate-crashed the teaparty and are monopolising it.

I realise you are looking for a solution on how to work the left arm and hand of the orc on the left into the picture, especially as he is so close to the orc on the right. To keep the scene intimate and within the strange behaviour theme, have you thought perhaps he could have his arm around the shoulders of the other orc in a brotherly fashion - you would then see his left hand on the left shoulder of the orc on the right?

As it is currently, the composition of your piece seems to me to be almost circular, with the only thing breaking outside that circle being the hand holding the cat, which I think gives it unnecessary focus - with his hand on the shoulder of the other orc, that circle would be maintained, and even perhaps reinforced, especially with the added bonhommie.

So that is just my own opinion, and as usual I feel a little nervous about giving it about something so close to someone else. I hope you can come to a solution you are happy with. It is a splendid picture.


OMG!! THIS IS AWESOME!.. wow… I totally love this idea… im just in awe seeing this monsters having tea with those cute little things… its an amazing blend of 2 of my favotire genres… great job… If i may say something at this stage then that wud be the head of the monkey (the big one) in the lower left corner seems a bit off perspective. but i’m sure ur gonna fix that anywas (just trying my very best and hard to crit here) … orrite man… keep up the best work.


thank you very much Subha, I`m glad you like the little pussy :wink:

Hiun youre right my friend, I never really know when I should stop a painting; when Ive spent so much time on a picture I want it as good as I can do…I`ll try to finish this as soon as possible without destroying the painterly depth :smiley: thank you for your motivating words

hey Ordibble, thx for taking the time to write this down; you have a good eye man
Ive tried to save the circular composition with the replacement of the cookies with the bent kitty I definately see your point with the pose of the hand you suggested, the comp would definately be more homogen without the cat it will be a tough decision cause I like this cat quite much at the moment; it would definately make the piece more peacefull if I wrap the left orcs hand cheerfull around the rights shoulder but the cat is another factor that makes the right orc feeling uncomfortable in this scene while the left one seems to like this whole circumstances I have something in mind like the cat was crawling on the right orcs head and the other one puts it away with this "oh how cute"-smile (Ill add a strain of hair which the cats paw is holding…)

hey overcontrast, thx for looking (and for the wow^^) yeah this damn monkey makes a monkey out of me, I have to fix him



hahah! I like the updates! keep going man… no crits from me :slight_smile:



great scene…i love the colour palette.


No doubt that cat is a cutey, and looking at your picture again there certainly is a hole in the upper right hand side that needs something in it.

I suppose what was bothering me most was the thrusting action of the orc’s hand. The cat’s shape follows the circular composition, but the arc of the orc’s arm/wrist/hand goes in the opposite direction, breaking the flow, which to me seemed to make it stand out. But now I have looked too long and can’t tell anymore - others seem to like it, so maybe I was looking for symmetry where it isn’t necessary.

Just maybe if it isn’t too much work, you could try seeing how it looks with the wrist bending in the same direction as the circular flow (inwards rather than outwards) - this might bring the cat down a bit and into the scene rather than pushing him away.

The cat playing with a strand of hair is a great idea and would really integrate the elements.


Really great picture! Nice idea and brilliant rendering :thumbsup:


Hey Mathias! Everything goes really superb. The progress is so cheerful. Details are all in their proper places, they are not more and if you’d like to add new details they won’t be more too. Because all of them supports the concept and the alteration of the plate with cookies to that cute confused cub is very conspicuous. Keep up this amazing work! Cheers Mathias!


Hey Mathias, wonderful and amazing painting, really cool!! Your lighting its superb my friend!! and love all the members of the tea party ( specially the cute kitty infront of the table, really great!! - perhaps a bit contrast on it, looks a bit flat, nothing serious :smiley: - ) Again, awesome work mate!! Cheers :beer:


Jassar, OZ, harachte, ashiataka: thank you so much guys, much appreciated! :smiley:

Ordibble: Ive tried your suggestion with the bent wrist but I wasnt happy with it
for the moment Ill keep the composition the way it is, even I totaly agree with you...Ive definately looked too long on this piece also^^

Ferx: thx man, glad you like the kittie
Ill post an update tomorrow, now Im going to sleep and dreaming about the next project I want to paint (guess what, no orks and no teapartys in it^^)


this submission is great, i think it will win something, because not only it is well painted, but it is also fitting to the topic. wish you best luck


It’s looking terrific, Mathias! I love all of teh kittens, and especially the dolls in the lower right. (What a happy face the furthest lower right one has!) The only thing left really is to refine all of the details, especially the ones closer to the center of the image, like the cat and the china. Some of the china is working quite well: The pieces with the strong specular hilights really read as china, but the ones lacking that feel a bit too matte. Easily fixable with a few white dots, though! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, don’t flag in the enthusiasm - surely you can hold out 2 2 more weeks or so, right? Good luck!


I love the lighting and rendering quality, excellent! :slight_smile:
Hau rein!


You have my vote allready…


Wow, love the rendering!
Wenn du mal nicht vorne dabei bist … :wink:


bloodbrush: thank you for your kind words and the encouragement

walrus: good to see you man, Im glad you like the kittens and how its turning out lately
unluckily Ive changed the happy dolls face to a more classical doll, but I guess Ill put her in again on another place cause I also liked her smile^^
youre right about the porcellan; Ill add more highlights to get the real look
also big thx for your encouragement, the truth is I have only one week left to go before I`ll fly to Japan-getting stressed is a huge motivation in the end^^

Hideyoshi,yakonusuke: very big thx guys, I`ll do my best
versteht das einer: Oachkatzerlschwoaf^^

jeroentje:thx man, I dont know if users are allowed to vote but good to know...heres a beer for ya:beer:

sorry but update is coming later, I was very busy the hole day


Wow, terrific work Mathias! You’ve relly gone far with this–I love the lighting and the characters are very cute!