Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


been watching this one for a while now. good progression. i really like your light and color interplay, very strong atmosphere!


heres a very fast test for the composition; Ive tried out some variations with more space around the scene but I like it this way the most: concentrated on this little teaparty, the orcs in the scene as huge as possible to show how small and petite all the puppet-stuff around is
even I`ll change some small things in the end it feels good now to have a plan, now I just have to finish it in time :wink:
would be glad to hear your opinions


This is truly amazing work Mathias. The addition of stuffed animals really adds to the intriguing characters of the story. Lovely warms against the earth tones.:thumbsup:


I didn’t saw this entry before. Excellent idea and pose. I think you’ll ahve to pay attention that the focus stay on the main charcter. Otherwise that’s just terrific.


Hi Mathias! That’s great to see how the scene became like this so far. In the
composition everything seems pertinent and every detail made the composition
strong too. Keep up this amazing work. Cheers!


Hey Mathias, great work buddy!, I love all the details in your painting, really awesome! and think the composition is great ( i agree with you on focus the comp arround the tea party). Again, great work !! cheers :beer:


I like the development here, its really interesting to look at and holds your attention with the addtion of the other toys and items on the table. It is really working well even though it is a busy composition with not too space/background as it keeps it intimate which supports the mood entirely (you mentioned about extending the canvas which may take away the intimacy I think). The hand holding the plate of cookies looks a bit odd to me at the moment, not because it unrendered, but it just seems a bit disconected from whats going on and its taking the focus away a little from the orcs for me. Anyway its really looking great - keep going!


amazing work! i love the colorscene-atmospher. keep it up! but i do have one question-remark, that what do you think about the right side hand thats holding the tee cup - is it mayby to human like. its amazing what you have done with the orc-s heads, mayby the center tee-cup hand could be also more like orc-ish or so? ofcourse it can make the picture a littel bit too messy but just a side remark. im new so dont hold a grudge! Great work and best luck! :slight_smile: cheers!..for the hord!! :smiley:


Haha… that is just great, you got to love the whole Idea! Looking at your other ideas this sure is the best. The tight comp works well, it makes them look big and clumsy. very funny!



so my first post did go through!

Great post any way!


yeah Ive got mail^^ muchas gracias Hiun, authentic, ashiataka, Ferx, Subha, gingi,PsychoArt x2 ;p Im glad that you all dig the composition even it`s very busy, I had my doubts on it but now I see the light at the end of the tunnel

Subha, you have a special talent to point exactly out what bothers myself the most on this piece^^ I have no solution for this problem but I definately have to change this hand, maybe I`ll replace it or reduce the light on it

gingi, I always wanted to overwork this hand to make it look more orcish, just have to give myself a kick in my lazy bump



amazing work!!! exellent style, MOod, light colors, wonderful painting.
CReatures are Superb !! and most important -idea is exellent.

I was laughing wery loud when i seen it first time:)


Very good progress man! I truely dig your lighting :slight_smile:


Yep, No original words from me, just great work!NIce colors, and nice/busy composition which is just as SAbha pointed it out, warm and intimacy!
Also agree with you and Sabha for the hand but when I see your skills no worry about it!This will totaly rock!
So just great!


The hand is a little distracting but only because it’s not finished yet. The truth of the matter is Mathias, that hand is probably the thing that ties together the strange scene and is actually what makes the event intimate. That hand shows the care and love of the orc and he is serving the other with tea and cookies. Even though there are cookies on the table already, that hand around and behind the other orc plays a great role in the theme on a whole (a kind and gentle orc - that’s priceless). You really just need to push the hand into the background. Take it out of the mid ground and let your light sculpt it gently enough to make it recognizable but not distracting. But that hand is a powerful part of your image, don’t lose it.:thumbsup:


haha cool. Could you please put me a cup of tea too? Excellent idea and good luck with the challenge. One of my favourites:thumbsup:


brillant update! :bounce: :eek: everything is nicely concentrated to the centre of the scene!
theres just one thing tho … i think mike must’ve mentioned it … but the orc who’s holding the tea cup … his hand looks a little human … as compared to the other orc’s hand …

waiting to see it all in full bloom!
surely one of my favs!:love:


I really love this piece; I love the colour and the lighting. I first saw it about a week ago, and it just gets better and beter. Keep up the good work.


It has been a while since I last came here, and this piece is just getting better and better.

I agree in full with Huin about the background hand, it needs to be there, it really drives home the orc’s attitude.

I’m really looking forward to the finished piece, it’ll be memorable.:thumbsup:


Great progress!! Looking foward to see the final piece:bounce: