Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


Hey Mathias, thats great!!, i like a lot your lighting and the bunny and the doll are a cool detail! great!!:thumbsup: . I think the orc holding the tea cup has well care nails, maybe that is the idea :smiley: . About the composition, I think you need to extend your canvas and put upper space, so far I have the sensation of which the orcs are in a very very small cave or room, only a comment :slight_smile:
Again, really great work mate!! Cheers :beer:


Excellent work !! That’s very funny and a bit scary at the same time ! The painting is great, i also like the mood/colors, and the design of the characters ( which include the dolls ) is great too ! Well done !


This is by far the best piece i’ve seen in this challenge so far, i was looking at your portfolio and it’s seems that with this piece you pushed yourself to a way higher level in painting skills, the whole mood, colors, faces are just brilliant, try not to get the composition too busy with unnecessary details tough. The rabbit needs a small perspective change, this piece smells first place to me, keep it up.


Guterrez, beutiful painting! the mood, and the painterly style are really unique. The strange behavior concept is great and instantly apparent. 5 stars!


Hey, this is one of my favorite strange behaivor entries !! nice job

his left had doesn’t look as good as the rest of the picture… let me give you an example. Their faces and cloths are all scarred and haggard, wrinkles everywhere, showing wear and tear… however his hand is very smooth and almost manicured … that in itself is strange behaivor for these guys. it would look cooler to have this massive scarred dirtied grotesque hand holding a dainty tea cup with his pinky extended skyward.

great painting.!


minminxu: thank you, nice to hear this from a great artist like you
Ferx: thx for sharing your thoughts; the canvas is already extended and at the moment Im working on the right look for the porcellan in the pic the hand is only a untextured version right now when you know what I mean; just a lightning study and Ill put the orc look over it at next
ElectroNico: big thx :smiley:
kazziu: this made a big smile in my face man, thank you^^ Im also very happy how it turns out at the moment and I just want to make it as good as I am able to do right now jpmonroyal: thank you very much utchamp: youre absolutely right, Ill add more scars and stuff during the finishing process Ill start soon (hope so^^)

cheers guys, I`ll update soon


sorry, doublepost


love the concept, it’s got a great mood and feel.


Man, that’s creepy! Great work. Really want to see this one finished!

Probably you’ll do that later but, don’t you think the orc nails (the one holding the cup) should be a little longer and dirtier?

Keep up the good work mate!


thx for the comments, Im glad you like my work heres a little update; the face of the second ork is quite ready, only a final finishing is still missing
also Ive worked on the hand of the other orc all in all its not much to show but Im afraid Ill be quite busy the rest of the month so Im not sure how much time Ill have
tell me what you think about the left orcs face, especially the mouth area


Overall, I think the left Orc’s face and his hand are working very well. The center of the mouth is pretty hard to read - does he have a nose-ring there? It’s getting hard to deiscern between the nose-ring and all of the jaggedy teeth, and all of that noise might be a bit more than is necessary for that area to read.

Also, it’s hard to tell where he’s looking. He doesn’t appear to be watching the tea that he’s pouring, and instead it look like he’s looking off into the distance on the right. Maybe a little more clarity in the direction fot eh eyes could help. I can imagine it’s a tough balance, given that they’re not traditional eye colors.

The added yellowing on the dolls, especially the right one, really helps a lot to integrate the scene. The Right orc’s hand could use a similar touch - its skin doesn’t seem the same on his hand as on his face.

Anyhow, great progress on this… good luck with the rest!


I like this work ,Great !Hope you finished it.Good luck!:scream:


hey walrus, thank you for your valuable comment

yeah, hes wearing two noserings, I wanted a really strange look for him...Ill see if I can clean that area more

liutaoart: thx man, I`m glad you like it


Wonderful idea and realization. Palette and light both have a very classic, ‘Old Masters’ feeling.

Will definitely stay suscribed to see the last steps of this gorgeous work.:thumbsup:


I think I found a favorate. I hope your not to busy to finnish.


i agree with Tiz! :stuck_out_tongue: the way you’ve captured the entire scene with the lighting and colours is simply brilliant! looking forward to your next update! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: good work! :smiley:


Congratulations on a stunning painting. There are so many positive things about this painting - brush work, lighting, colour are all supporting a great concept. There are just a couple of things which are niggling my eye. The orc’s face on the left - i think one can see too much of the right side of its face, especially the eye and the mouth. From that angle it seems to indicate more of a three-quarters view wereas the eye and mouth seem to be closer to a frontal view? Is the hand of the orc on the right a little too large? The only other thing is that the characters seems to be all looking out at the viewer - maybe adjusting the toys view would increase the interest? Have considered adding a third orc to the right - compositionally three would be stronger than two - perhaps the third could be looking over the should of the middle one - or more in the back waiting until they finish thier tea? There is large empty space at the front of ther composition which needs something - maybe a orc pet under the table? And/or more cuddly toys with there backs to the viewer.

I really love the concept and its got me thinking about the story - so hope you dont mind if I tell you what the scene suggests to me. I wondered about how you are going to develop the theme further - some other delicacies would look good on the table - such as dainty biscuits. Also thought that it would be nice to see some tea dribbling from the orcs mouth to show its lack of decorum. I like the idea of adding armour and weapons in the back scene which maybe suggests they are having tea before they go into battle - maybe they could be in a tent and you could indicate the orc hoards getting battle ready through a slit in the tent.

Apologies for going on a bit but I cant help it as I really like your painting!


Thaldir,tAstyBITs,nwiz25: big thx for looking and dropping some kind words, this really pushes my energy and my motivation to get the best out of my unworthy self^^

Subha: wow man, thank you that you took the time to write this down, now I know that Im on the right way; at the moment I try to add most of your suggestions like more yummy-yummy stuff on the table and more dolls and toys around them I also like your idea of an orcish pet, Ill definately try something that way
the right hand is definately big, I wanted him looking more like the warrior orc next to the shaman guy
and its absolutely great to hear what the picture suggests to other people so thank you for your thoughts I also think that the canvas should be extended somehow, Ill have to try out some different versions
as soon as I have something to show Ill post it; just finished all my other jobs a day ago so Im on it now


I just can’t wait to see the next update ( I have a good feeling about it :buttrock: )


hi Matthias, great great great update!

Your paint job is just superb and it’s really fun to watch this one evolve. Personally, I have no problem with left orc’s face, other than I think his ear should move towards left a little… I also agree that the right hand is abit too big. hope you’ll finish this as you want. see you on your next post!