Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


Hey, Mathias, it’s looking great. Thanks for steering away from the idea closer to mine, but at least it doesn’t look like you have any shortage of good ideas to draw from! :slight_smile: This is looking really nice. The hand doesn’t quite match the face yet, but I suspect you’re working from your own or a freiend’s human hand at first and will make it look more ogrey as you go. Anyhow, great lighting and wrinklage so far, looking forward to seeing what else you add… good luck!


hey Ramon, thx for your comment, Im glad you like the lightning cause Ive worked it out without reference, except for the hand :wink:

thx for looking walrus, you`re right about the hand; this will get the funny part touch stuff like that up
and yeah, I´m quite happy about how this new theme turns out…guess I like such flat jokes^^


I had to join this thread. U have a great start going on here and a very interesting technique of creating an image, not acctually knowing what will happened next. As walrus said already, the hand is a bit strange at the moment, but I see its in the middle of process. One another thing I would pointed out is, that the right character is just perfect with expression and everything, but the left one seems to be a bit stiff at the moment. Or it is just his nose that is a bit off… just a suggestion or at least something I found worth mentioning it. great job so far!


thx for joining ninja, means a lot hearing this from you cause your work is next to alonchouns one of my favorites here
you pointed good out how I work; mostly I don`t have too concrete sketches which is really annoying when I have to do something fast for a company
on the other hand is this leaving it by chance one of the most interesting parts of the process

heres a close-up of the faces as far as they are Im quite happy with it, the nose is also corrected^^

good luck to you all!


Your style is simply amazing :thumbsup: , wish I had the skills to achieve your lighting effects…

Good luck mate!


wow…wonderful brushwork…and very nice lighting…good job…Mr.guterrez…good luck and keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


thx for the comments, means a lot for me cause lately I was a bit depressed about my art…till I watched a tutorial of Bobby Chiu on youtube; this guy is simply amazing and what he said really pushed me forward and brought back the fun of art an painting for me…guess I`ll write him a message right now^^


thx for the comments, means a lot for me cause lately I was a bit depressed about my art
It’s hard to imagine someone with your skills feeling depressed about about their art!! I wonder what a guy like me should feel then lol :scream:


yeah its not so easy to explain but often I feel that Ive wasted so much time with stuff I didnt really liked to do youre a talented guy Jassar, give yourself one year full of training and painting and youll be surprised what you can do should see the first wacom works I did 2 years back...or better dont look at it^^

however here´s a new wip, this time I tried to vary the format and added a few details
what do you think about this format?


haha, very nice :slight_smile: I like the concept. I think the format is great; the table is very small, maybe you should plan to do the monsters squatting on their haunches or raise the ground of the puppets. Anyway I like the painting, good work !


Excellent work, I love your style :thumbsup:


Wow that’s a great image. Light is superb, very cheerful concept. I’ll keep looking for the progress and sure that would be very artistic. Good luck! Cheers!


Great art work! The idea is very funny. It brung a big smile to my face.


wow, great painting skills! very nice idea, I keep my eyes on this one too:thumbsup:


Your picture has a fantastic mood.

I am afraid to mention it as you look along way along with your painting, but I wonder would it be too much of a cliche if the orc on the left side was pouring tea from the teapot into the cup held by the other orc? This might make it clearer that the orcs are part of the teaparty, rather than just being curious about something they have found.


Strange and original


thx for all the great comments, very appreciated
I`m glad that you like the idea

Ordibble: Ive also thought that this would be a nice idea; at the moment I want him to hold some knitting stuff in one hand and the other one layed around the bunny...but I guess Ill do both versions and look which one is better for the composition

I`ll try to post an update today,


Amazing!! One of my favourites.
I will just add one of my impressions: maybe the composition is pulling to the left; maybe there should be a positive value on the right side of the monster that is drinking, maybe his hand is not enough; maybe. :slight_smile:


hey guys
heres a little update; the left orc is now holding the tea can just as Ordibble suggested, it fits the scene better and Ive also worked on his face and the pupets
Anatomista: youre right, I think Ill paint the orks weapon or other equipement in the upper right corner
there`s still lots of stuff missing, I want to get the scene as full of life as possible


wow…I am so glad see your update …mr.guterrez…I love that moppet …very nice painting…Keep up the good work…cheers…:bounce: :bounce: …