Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


Amazing!!just amazing.1 of my favs!Congratz on such a great finish man!Wish you all the best and hope to see you next time again!Cheerssss!!!


thx guys, was big fun to work within such a creative community, Ill definately participate next time too and Ill work my ass off to make a better piece^^

hey Okmer, thx for the kind words man; your picture had lots of potential, also unfnished it looks damn cool, a shame you couldn`t finish it
see you at the next challenge for sure


Mathias, you are the winner ! Congratulations !


Amazing work Mathias! Very well deserved , now enjoy the fruits of your labour! I look forward to see more work from you in the future.



thank you guys…it`s still unbelieveable for me…I reloaded the site several times to see if they made some mistakes or bad jokes but it seems to be right…freakin surrealistic^^
hopefully I can get some jobs now, guess this is a good reference

well guys, it`s time to send out some special thx to Alon Chou, Jeffparadox, gpepper, Ferx, walrus, kazziu, NinjaA55N, Jassar, minminxu, Bloodtaster, ashiataka, Ordibble-Plop, jpmonroyal, Thaldir, Hiun, Nwiz25, Okmer, Kei Acedera who constantly gave their invaluable feedback and suggestions through the hole process

can`t wait for the next Contest, see you on the other side guys!!!
have some nice Christmas and a good start into 2008

edit: just wanted to add that my absolutely favorite was and still is Alon Chou; I`m lucky that I could throw out this picture and I will work really hard to keep that level, but he is the true master…just wanted to say that, respect man


Congratulations Mathias , I did it for your work and now for your price.


Whaìt a news! Hearthfelt congratulations on a well deserved win, Mathias!
Guess you’ll ‘really’ be on the other side for the next contest (read ‘jury’:thumbsup:)

Best wishes for some juicy jobs to choose from in the next year, and also the very best for the upcoming holidays. :applause:


Congratulations! :bounce:


Hey Congratz man!!Well deserved!Lovely pic and nice madness in there!Hope to see you back next time…but you’ll proberly be on the other side like said Thaldir!HAve some nice endyear party!Cheers


Hi Mathias

A well deserved title for a great piece of work. Congratulations mate, enjoy your success! waiting to see more great work from you…


Hi Mathias

congratulation on the winner.Thank you for your kind words!
I appreciate that, this is really a great giving of holidays to you,
enjoy your prize!

Merry Christmas.



Hey Mathias!!, Congratulations my friend!! a really well deserved win for a great great and beautiful master artwork!! It was an honor to have participated in this challenge with you. Time to open the champagne bottles and tequila bottles too!! :smiley: Cheers my friend !! :beer:
And hope can see you in the next challenge, but like Tiziano and Remko says, perhaps you be in the other side of the force :smiley: (not in the dark side hahahahaha :D) Again, congratulations and the best wishes for you Mathias! :slight_smile:



Mathias, great piece (once again) and congrats on the big win. Nice work!


man it would be too cool to party a bit with you guys, thank you all! maybe we can make some big CGTalk meeting some day^^

hehe Ferx, for now I have to go with the cheapest champagne from supermarket, drink a Tequila for me man…oh and I just wanted to mention that I`m a big Darth Vader fanboy >:) (from the original episodes of course^^)



Yeahhh!!that could be hugely cool some kinda after challenge party once!!!I’m in!


SUPER SUPER Congrats my friend!!! :buttrock:


This pic is wonderful! Not only does it have a beautiful element of humour in there, but the detail is wonderful and so clever in the way it’s been put together. If we’re to expect the next one even better as you say, then the quality of these contests is really going to lift the roof. Congrats to you for your win!:thumbsup:






very well deserved!!

a spectacular masterpiece in all its splendour!!


god bless ya dude!



Hiun: big thx man, good to have you around
rumour_nz:thank you, I`ll do my best to lift it up^^
Neville man, thank you so much my friend
wohooo guys, nows everybody onboard so lets start the first interactive E-Party^^



Congratulations! :smiley: