Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mathias Kollros


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Latest Update: Final Image: 5 o`clock, somewhere at the orcish border…


At first I wanted to say hello to everybody, it`s my first time on this board and its exciting challenges
I saw all the outstanding works here and now I decided it is time to join this community

well here`s how I started this thing, not really a professional way to start an image but I just played around a bit until I knew where I would go


at this stage Im quite sure to go after some weird Alice piece with strange characters and their strange behaviors, perhaps Ill change the hole setting in the next 82 days but right now I`m starting to have a lil fun with this


well thats how far I am, the story gets more concrete but Im not sure about the composition
the scene shows Humpty Dumpty at a rendevouz with Alice in the smoking caterpillars Opium-bar
her personality is split into 2 persons in this scene but they are shown as seamese twins cause after all they belong together
I`m not so sure about the format and color, feedback is much appreciated


had some other concept ideas for the theme , hope to get some feedback on these:
the first one is about a little robogirl who dont know that she is one designed to be the perfect child and equipped with an emotion-chip shes living many years with her “parents”…until the day when she wakes up next to some old robots at the garbage dump, which have never seen a crying synthetic before


Firstly, I’ll say that both concepts are very well painted, you clearly have talent there. As for the ideas themselves, I don’t think either lends themselves well to this competiton. I like the robot idea more, but unless I read your whole description after it I would have had no idea thats what its about.

If you want to display a child discovering she is part robot, maybe a better way would be to show her in a situation that would normally reveal out own inner workings. I’m personally not sure how to accomplish that without going into gory details, but maybe thats a solution. I just think it needs to be more convincing and more startling to the child than staring at her arm without skin.


thx for the answer, double thank you for its constructive nature :wink:

Im afraid youre right with the robogirl; I guess this is the hardest part making the picture work without explaining the story

the Alice piece could work imo cause I can already see all the missing stuff I want to add; I´ll finish it anyway but I think I want to play around with some different ideas for this competition


hey there! first, let me say that the paint work is fantastic! very moody and almost ethereal. However, I will have to agree with Killer-Instinct93 in that the composition is somewhat vague in terms of strange behaviour. I think its a great idea, a robot finding out she’s a robot, not to mention her parents watching her cry. Which got me thinking - what the image was restructured as a closeup of the parent and the robogirl, the girl crying as though normal (with hints here and there she’s a robot) and the parent, rather than trying to comfort her , is staring in utter surprise (bewilderment?) that she is crying. I mean, it’s truly is a great storyline, but I think that can be solved with this or other compositioning. Otherwise, great work!


thx for the feedback, played already around with the theme in a similar direction
like you mentioned it shows the little robot with her parents which have lost their real daughter, but in this scene they are crying while the robot is slowly going to freak out because of the flood of emotions (it is going to pull the dolls head of and sparks flying from its head…
well its a very fast sketch, I guess I`ll play around with different stuff


played around a bit with another idea: roleplaying fantasy creatures
the only question now is: are Orks playing “Dungeons & Dragons” against human opponents or shall I paint a group of orks playing something like “Lawyers & Courts”??
would really like to hear your thoughts


a little colortest I also did this evening,


Hey you got great painting skills! this last color test has a Rembrendtish quality in it… As far as your concept I think you should do both! Orks playing lawyer&court chess against barbarian humans. Who knows maybe that is the punishment of one side to the other, or what they chose to do instead of warring? Anyway, nice job keep it up!


The mood is excellent !
Great painting here !


thx for the comments guys
Ive pushed this a bit further, still not sure about the size of the scene I want to show; just 3 orkze or a bigger group surrounding them? I guess Ill show more of the desk so I`ll zoom out the point of view a bit…what do you think?


After Ive seen that my idea was too similar to Walrus work Ive changed the concept for the orcs a bit:
now Ill show what theyre doing when fighting is over: they`re having a tea-party inside their save orclair with everything you need for such an event like a teaservice, cake and cupcakes, one orc is knitting, one is nipping from his cup and another one is making smalltalk…


Sounds spot on ,looking forward to your first render.


That painting is soo dope! Great work!


Hey Mathias, really cool sketches !! and the ligthing on your orcs scene is great!! :thumbsup: I cant wait to see the turn on your concept (perhaps another idea is another game for your concept like the old “twister” game, only a comment :slight_smile: ) Again awesome work !! and the best of luck mate! :beer:


thx for all the kind words, makes me a warm feeling in my belly
heres a recent wip, the roleplay table is gone, a small petite one has come the orc on the left side hasnt got his knitting stuff yet and also most elements on the table are missing that mekes a teaparty what it is…but thats the fun to add all this little details like teaservice, cupcakes and lots of dollies and teddybears around them^^
hope the picture gets as funny and strange as I imagine this hole scene
have a nice day


Excellent lighting so far!