Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hi mark

I can’t believe the amount of work that has gone into this piece…you know even though this piece is 100 percent has the quality of something you might find in final fantasy 7…yea, it holds that form of recognition for me…Im really impressed…LOVE the slingshot…fantastic effort mate…Im still sure the “Eon” entry was inspiration for this comp. :slight_smile:

have a good one mark…



Well who would have thought an illustration with Orks and Bunnies would win this thing

Just goes to show this thing is controlled by the man and his hideous henchmen I say!

Well never mind. In my book you are the winner Mark!:thumbsup:


Hey Marley, that is very kind of you. Thank you mate! :slight_smile:

LOL! You are very kind too. Yeah, I’m very much aware that some of us here are swimming against the tide. There is a certain style - my friends call it the ‘cg society look’ and mine aint it. Hahaha! Never will be! But based on the fantastic number of comments on this thread - it seems to have received the most comments out of all the threads in the challenge - I’ve been made to feel very welcome here and that’s really nice. I’m not disappointed that I didn’t win anything. Far from it. And I thought the winners were a deserving bunch who did great work. But I guess what does disappoint me is the fact that my real heros here, the ones I see taking the big risks and therefore taking the field forward the most in exciting new ways (which other people will then most likely follow), are constantly overlooked and have eventually stopped entering the challenges.

A good jeweler will recognise that each gem is unique, and cut it and polish it in a way that accentuates its strengths. So polishing is an important part of that process, sure, but if you polish everything too much you just end up with a bunch of identical round stones and you kill the very uniqueness that gave that gemstone its real value. Sure they will look faultlessly clean and polished, but they’ll all look the same and probably look like they were all done by the same jeweler. A gem can get too much polishing.

I think it’s like that with other types of art too. For a while, musicians over-produced their recordings and after a while they realised that every bit of pop music sounded the same (many would argue they still do!) People wanted to hear something a bit more raw, even if it meant they heard some faults. So producers pulled back on their production values and I think the music benefited from that. It got back some of that original spark that seemed to happen in a live performance but which got lost in all that production.

I’m hugely impressed by the high standards of work I see around here, but I have no intentions of adopting that same level of polish. Because if I did I know my work would lose the very thing that some people find appealing (which I know is the same thing most people find limiting and annoying about it!)

So I don’t know how long I’ll keep plugging away at my own stuff here. I admit that it can be tiring to swim against the tide. As long as a few other loonies share a similar goal by taking their own personal journeys and risks then I know I’ll continue enjoying myself and continue to get inspiration here. Or maybe I’ll head off somewhere else. I don’t know. But I’m grateful for the fun time I’ve had here and for the generous support and help I’ve had along the way. And the friendships I’ve made too. The friends are the best bit


Hello Mark.

Many wise words, I couldn’t have put it in a better way myself.

Ill gladly swim with you upstream buddy. Even though you are a frog (which clearly are better swimmers than old trolls). The best part of these challenges have been all the good people one gets to know in the process. For me who have worked much in an artistic vacuum this place have been heaven sent. Though lately I have been too busy to participate it is still great to follow and participate in other peoples treads. It’s been great following your challenge Mark.


I put my signature under every line you’ve said up there to Try, Mark. This is just one of those rare moments for me, where someone else can explain me what I feel - better than myself. Thanks for your wisdom, and the fellowship I feel from your words.

And thanks to Cg Society, for being a platform where we can talk about these freely


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