Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey thank you mate! That is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks Anders. Much appreciated buddy. Thanks for dropping by

Hey thank you George. That was a shame you weren’t able to get the time to finish your entry - yours was shaping up as one of the most intriguing and haunting of all the entries, in my opinion - but I do understand that it’s not always easy to find so much spare time. Good luck with your work and demoreel mate

Haha! Thank you man for all the groovy vibes. That was far out cool. Peace!


The best of all of your work: there´s no TV inside!!:scream: :smiley:

Your idea has come greeeat and funny!Hope you´ve enjoyed it and, of course, I wish you amounts of lucks:D




a really superb and funny entry from start to finish, Mark! You’ve certainly lived up to your reputation for detail! and nice touch, him being dead and blissfully unaware! congrats too on being NO 1 in number of replies!


Thanks mate! Yeah I had a lot of fun doing this one. Thanks for all your support along the way

Hey thanks John. Yeah, I didn’t even know myself that the poor fellow was dead until I realised it explained an awful lot, ie: could he breathe or should he be wearing a helmet? How could he play music in a vacuum? How could he even sink into his chair without gravity? I mean, it’s one thing to be doing strange behaviour, but another thing altogether to be doing so much impossible/lethal stuff. So that’s how that came together. It’s funny - as a cartoon those things didn’t seem to matter, but once it took on the semi-real appearances of 3D I started being bothered by them


Oh hey! Just passing by, was at a nearby galaxy. Later dude!


Argh!:argh: Where I’ve been to have missed you uploading the final? :blush: (working madly on an absurd deadline, sorry!)

Congratulations on crossing the finishing line with time to spare after planning and making such a crazy and crazilily detailed work, Mark! :applause::thumbsup:


Wooow mark, great,great finish buddy!!!Love it!Sad could not be in here with you some more but hey…;next challenge…:grin:!!!
Great, great work man!Love it, one of my fav’s!
Hope to see you in the next challenge and all the very best of luck to you Mark!


YEA! feels good. but yea. i completely agree with you. no guessing who is going to win. but to be honest i dont even bother guessing who’s going to win. most important thing is that we are done! :smiley: YEA! :beer:



Thank you Tiziano. Much appreciated! Yep, I needed to finish this piece to get ready for the next thing. Hahaha, it never stops does it? I hope things are going well with your own big workload

Hey Remko, many thanks for that! It’s been great having you dropping in along the way - your feedback has always been much valued! I love the fun you bring to these challenges

Yep, definitely time to chill out and enjoy the show while it’s still going :thumbsup:


CONGRATULATIONS BRO! :applause: one of my fav entries right from the very start! :love::deal::buttrock: details to the extreme! totally respect you for that! :bowdown: its always a pleasure catching up with your work ( on the contrary … me havent been around lately :frowning: really sorry bro :frowning: )
i wish you the very best of luck with the judging! :thumbsup: u deserve the best! cheers bro! :beer:


Hey Mark, I just want to thank all the support that you gave me throughout the challenge and your words to my final concept. For me it was an honor to have shared this challenge with a great artist and a great person like you!.

And your concept really rock my friend !! :buttrock: Cheers my friend!! :beer:



Like Fernando I wish to thank you for your comments and support and wish you all the best


Mark I am glad to comment your finished entry finally! This one is such a great illustration. You have to be proud of yourself and happy with it, with all those details and textures. So do you see yourself in the future this way? Catching some supernova tan?
Thanx foe all your great support, gotta say your replies was my energy booster. Cya you next time around.
Good luck :beer:


Hey thanks matey. It was great having you in this challenge from start to finish. I’m sorry to hear about your injury to your foot and hope you’re recovering fully and quickly. Good luck with your own entry - you totally showed us 3D artists how to do 3D - and you did it all in Photoshop!!!

Hey Fernando buddy, it was a real pleasure sharing ideas between your thread and mine. Thank you for all your insights and support and suggestions along the way. I sure hope I’ll be seeing you around here again

Hey it was great to see you in this challenge matey. Your amazing artwork final image was a delight to see. Good luck

Hey Juraj, thank you very much :slight_smile: I sure hope to see you next time too buddy

[I]Just before this thread began
I thought (if I could find the time)
I’d put aside my usual plan
And write my comments all in rhyme.

A wiser man than me would say
A plan like that was doomed to fail
And senseless spending half a day
To find a rhyme for Sub-poly-displacement.

So now my entry’s done and closed,
With 40 pages in my thread
I’m glad I stuck with normal prose
And spent my time on art instead.

I’ll finish off with one last thing,
Before I fully lose my block,
For all the help your comments bring
I’m mighty grateful. You guys rock![/I]

  • Mark


Hey Mark, you are a cool poet!! greatl!! Really nice!! Ok, more beers and more tequila!! yeaaa :smiley: Cheers!! :beer: ( I´m reading your verses with Hendrix music, ultra cool!! hahaha :applause: )


[i]Inspired by this hippy beat,
following you was such a treat
your final ended ultra cool
in one word, Mark - you really rule



Hey thanks Fernando. Much appreciated. Cheers to you too buddy!

LOL! Hey Gunilla - now that’s another example of that amazing Gunilla mind working. Thanks for that wonderful response


WOW! :bounce:

what a funny pic Mark… love the guy and the pink sunburn he have…
and for the ship and all those details… find not word enough to describe it…

your hard work really paid off… :applause:


Yep, well one more time, jsut to say thanks again for all your support and congratz again on a huge pic man!Hope well meet up again next time and in the meantime I say “CHEERSSS MArk!!!”)


Hey Mona, thank you very much! I always appreciate your comments around here! I hope the next challenge has its share of GPs or some other form of Mona artistry

Remko it’s great fun and totally inspiring having someone as talented as you in these challenges. Thanks for all your support matey