Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey, well done! Glad you made it.
This is a great image with lots of fun little detail to explore.


Hey Mark, It’s over Wow!
Watching your progress was so cheerful.
Great final, Cheers!


Congrats on your final Mark, a realy fun thread to follow and great end result, good luck.

Steve 8)


Thank you so much for all your wonderful help and insights along the way my friend. You’ve been a big help and I’m very grateful

Hahah! Yep, feel free to right-click mate!

Thank you very much. I appreciate all the fantastic support you’ve offered along the way!

Thank you to you too buddy! It’s always great to see your input in these challenges. I really appreciate your help and encouragement. I hope your big freelance job’s going well too

Thank you for such a generous comment. That is very kind :slight_smile:

Aaaagh! I’m amazed by your sharp eyes’ ability to notice details! I don’t know how many hours I’ve been staring at this thing by now and I was under the (apparently false) impression that I knew it pretty well. You are absolutely right - the shadow was missing under that tyre and in fact was missing in all of my recent renders. The bamboo was casting shadows just fine, but not the tyre, or the anchor, or the ropes holding the anchor! I can explain at length in sober tones the technical reasons why it wasn’t but that would be boring. The short explanation is I mucked up the setup of my files for rendering.

So the clever people who run these forums make it possible to overwrite a ‘Final’ TIF with a newer one, sort of a ‘final-final TIF.’ And that’s what I’ve done now. I’ll post my ‘final-final’ JPG after this post. The new version has those shadows where they should be. And it also has some of that rim lighting effect you suggested - probably not as much or as well done as you would paint it, but there is definitely some there now. Thank you for your help mate.

Thank you very much. I appreciate that a lot

Hey Michael, thank you mate :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I very much appreciate your generous comments

Hey Steve, thank you! Much appreciated!

So just when I think I’ve finished, I find that I haven’t. Thanks to Michael (walrus) for pointing out a mistake I’d made in my ‘Final’. With a few weeks to go before deadline, plus the ability to submit a new ‘Final’, I’ve grabbed the opportunity to submit the following new version. The changes are subtle but I think they were worth the little bit of effort…


It’s been a long interstellar voyage. Too many years of solitude have done strange things to the mind of the astronaut.

The hippy phase came first. That’s when he painted his spaceship. Then the paranoid stage, when he installed his primary weapon.

Then came the outdoors stage, when he built his timber deck and decorated it with plants.

He’s settled into a new routine now. Same time every 22-hour ‘day’ he opens the hatch on his cockpit. Then he climbs along the hull to lie back and tan in the light of a nearby star, occasionally picking up his guitar to strum a few chords. He hasn’t noticed that his music can’t be heard in a vacuum. He doesn’t care that even a short exposure to cosmic rays can be dangerous. It never even occurred to him that there’s no air to breathe.

Strange behavior? It doesn’t seem strange to him. But then he doesn’t realise he died twelve years ago


Here we go again. A new final, with some missing shadows put in where they should have been and a hint of some rim lighting around the back edges. I’ve got another monster 3D job starting up soon so I do need to get this finished, but I couldn’t resist the chance to take advantage of Michael’s (walrus) observations.

  • Mark


Hey Mark, nice changes for the final II version (oohhh that is like final fantasy :smiley: ) , and agree that you have enough time to upload new finals, that is really clever, but perhaps you need a brake - 2 or 3 days without seeing and thinking on the hippynaut -, and again retake your image, that can be useful, only a suggestion ( and if you retake the image, I venture to suggest a shade a bit more dark and big at the bottom of the spacecraft … that stubborn am hahahahahaha :smiley: … ignore me :slight_smile: )
And good luck and happy rendering with your new 3D monster job. Cheers my friend !! :beer:


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:Well, congratulations Mark! You finally arrived to one cool picture and I couldn’t be more glad about it… all the detail that makes your other works so delightful is here too! thanks for that…
Oh and the story has a twist in the end and all! good old Hippynaut got trapped in his own private San Francisco… could be worst… :smiley:
Well, here’s a toast for the last of all true groovy ones…:beer:

Cheers to you too, Mark, thanks for the ride!





Right click, save as …
Overwrite existing file?



Hey Mark,
you made it. :bounce:

Congrats for finishing such a great image.:buttrock:

It was really fun to follow your progress, and I learned quite a lot by simply watching. Thanks for that.



Hi Mark, you’re done man, and it’s looking fantastic!

You’ve come a long way, and this piece have been evolving in such a fun manner, it was a real pleasure to watch. You’ve got great 3D skills, and you’re not afraid to use them for out-of-the-box ideas dude. What i love about your art is the non-mainstream approach you take on 3D: it’s not photorealism, or the usual cartoony style that is barrowed from 2D. It’s almost like these little fun toys you create, and the viewer can easily find itself surrounded by that colorful world while looking at your images. The twist to your story at the end, that you haven’t mentioned before, just added one last fresh element to this entry. Now I’m looking at the image as if I’ve just discovered the real story behind it, even though I was watching it for a long time and knew the concept. Dead hippynaut is genious my friend, oh and, love your title too…

You are the master of delightful clutter, best of luck with the voting mate! :beer:


Thanks for your suggestions buddy, but this time I really will be calling this finished. I need to take a bit of a break before the next big job which starts pretty soon

Hey thank you mate! That was really nice of you. Thank you for all the fantastic comments and encouragement along the way

Thank you Mike. I really appreciate your honest and constructive opinions mate

Hahah! Cheers buddy

Thanks Torsten. I’m looking forward to watching your air-borne octopus cross the finishing line

Thank you Jeff. I really appreciate your comments. I’m still very much finding my way in this field and yes, I do want to try something a bit different even if it means I don’t always get it right. I like the fact that these challenges offer the kind of risk-taking that’s not always possible if a client is paying for the job


Mark, you made an amazing job and I’m still a fan of your work, more than yesterday and tomorrow, more than today !
I just have the feeling with this picture that you can do more with the background. Maybe adding some planets, rocks, something to give a depth to your picture…


Totally awesome Mark. Your little story completes and pulls this picture together. It is hilarious and creepily surreal at the same time. It never occurred to me that this was a ghost ship! Great work and wonderful image.


Awesome! It was a great pleasure to see the progress, wonderful idea and delicious text! But the same as on previous challanges - i think that there’s not enough post-effects for you final image to make it really final and georgeuos. Anyway - thank you for such an interesting “journey” :wink:


Thank you for your very generous words. I’m sure you are right about the background. If my illustration style was more developed I would be able to create something quickly, but this image grows slowly because I don’t even know yet how I want most things to look. Unfortunately I am now also tied up with another major external job and so that rules out the experimentation I need to see what works. But maybe next time…

Thank you mate. I really appreciate that. The ghost-ship idea kind of wrote itself, because at last I could explain the strange behavior in the cosmic rays and the vacuum, as well as the impression of the ship looking old and messy

Thank you! You are very kind. Like I was saying to gpepper, if I had more time and if I had already properly developed my semi-cartoony 3D way of illustrating then I would definitely be wanting to push this image further. These challenges involve a huge learning curve each time I enter and that learning curve and all the experimentation involved is what eats up all the time. But I love that aspect of them. Maybe next time I can take things to the next level which you talk about :slight_smile:


hey mark! Congrats on finishing man! You came a long way and I enjoyed watching your progress. Good luck with your entry!

Need to hurry finishing mine…


A whole bunch of thumbs up! --> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

I’ve not been as active as I wanted due to busy work schedule but I’ve been following your thread since day one and I must say you really pulled this one off with flying colors!



Sorry i havent been around lately to offer some critique Mark (too much work for school and the demoreel scenes) but i really think you made it just fine without me:D… The final piece is wonderful… love all the details and its totally hippie… good luck with the voting buddy…



(To be consistent with the hippy theme.) Far out man! Groovy
I really dig his gig! Wayyyy out. :thumbsup:

OK. Congratulations and best of luck with your new 3d adventure. :applause: