Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hehe, a paradox.

For the hair, maybe dreds would be easy and appropriate?


Sounds like a good plan Mark. Do what you need to do but no sense taking the fun out of it either.

Everything is looking great. I never noticed the crimps in the lawn chairs, all those little details are really making this a rich scene.


Ordibble P. Lop
Thank you for a really nice idea. Dreadlocks would definitely make a good option. If I can’t get things to work any other way then I’ll give that a go

Thanks for that!


I’ve been having a go at modeling some hair. Real 3D modeling, with real polys. The results so far are … well, the fact I’m not showing them here should give you an idea. So I had another look at the file where I’d used the Hair Module in Cinema, and started tweaking. I ended up with this one, and I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll still push some real polygons around and see if I can come up with something worth posting, but otherwise I might go with this.

I’ve also changed the color of the fabric on the beach chair. It might have looked like fabric out of the 70s, but it was that part of the 70s that I’m glad to be 30 years away from

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Yeah about the hair! :thumbsup:
He also seems to be more seated now, did you add some shadows or was it the faboulous pattern that made him fly? :wink:

He is one cool dude for sure!


Thanks Gunilla. I had a look at the hippy and noticed that he seemed to be settled into the cloth of the chair okay. So I’ve exaggerated the distortions in the cloth a fair bit. I’m glad you think it looks better now, because you were right in saying it wasn’t convincing before


That hairdo is really amazing! Both the style and shading fits him on the spot!
Great job on that, Mark!
Hehe, love that bodyhair work too, very cool!
Thanks for the mention in your earlier post, buddy, I’m really flattened(!)


Nice work on the hair Mark, that solves that problem. :slight_smile: Unfortunately he is really close to sporting a mullet! hahah


wow mark,you’ve made so much progress! i’ve been flat out so sadly haven’t been able to keep up, but it looks brilliant! love the hair on the hippy-the hippy is very funny. all the little details you’ve added everywhere are superb mate! nice background too!


Wow I wonder if I’m the first one to mention Rod Stewart here, anyways, my only concern would be if this looks all right when you see it from far away. If the detail still reads well then I’d have no complains at all.

Now I’m humming ‘Maggie May’, Oh, and KUDOS for the dirty feet!:thumbsup:


Looking great Mark, i like the dirt on the feet and radiation burn from too much solar exposure, looks like you’re on the home run with another fantastic image.


His hair looks good, but I think it has too much specular. Try trimming the specular highlites a bit. Looks like he just washed it.


Haha, that were exactly my first thoughts as well. :scream:

I think they may look to real for the cartoony style of the overall picture, but that are just my 2 ct. One thing that looks strange is the hand which is holding the drink. The position looks a little wired.


Hey Mark, cool update mate!! I like the “Rod Stewart” hair cut style, like Gabriel pointing :smiley:
Another note: the shadow on the beach chair, casting by hippynaut, is much blured and difused, and no match with the feet casting shadow, this cause a floating sensation on the hippynaut (not bad , because he is in the space :smiley: , but the around things are not floating, and i like you dont put “0” gravity, that is a space really strange behavior:D cool!), only a comment :slight_smile:
Again great work my friend, cheers! :beer:


Thanks buddy. I think the hippy is pretty much sorted out now, although I’ve changed the lighting on him

I sure remember those mullets and even had one myself for a while - not my finest moment, although at the time it was considered the height of cool. Well at least that means his hair comes close to the hippy era

Thanks John. I’m really happy you like how it’s looking so far

I suppose he does look a bit like Rod Stewart. That was never intended of course and by the time we zoom out to take in the whole scene I think that won’t be much of an issue. You raise an excellent point about how the detail reads too, because after all it’s not an image which is going to be viewed at 100% resolution and the hippy should be clearly seen. So I’ll keep an eye on that

Thanks mate. The dirt on the feet and the sunburn are post-work of course. If I was going to animate him I’d make a proper tex map but I figured I’d have no need in this case

Thanks Michael. It’s a common mistake of mine to keep pushing for too-high specular levels. I’ve pulled it back a lot now

Thanks for your opinion buddy. I decided to ease back a bit from the full cartoony style because too much of the scene had too many aspects of realism in it. As he’ll just be a part of the overall scene (although an important one) then I’m hoping he’ll blend in just fine. I agree with you about the hand holding the drink too. Fernando mentioned that a bit earlier and it’s been on my mind to do something about it. So I’ve changed the pose of his hand a bit now

Thank you buddy. With the diffuse shadow on the cloth, that is not so much a shadow as much as the curvature of the cloth as it stretches down to take the weight of the hippy. But your comment got me thinking a lot about shadows…

When I changed my camera angle I got the composition I preferred. But in the true tradition of 3D, nothing is ever that simple. I didn’t pay much attention to it but after moving the camera it was suddenly pointing in almost the same direction as the light rays. So most of the shadows were no longer visible and most surfaces appeared evenly flooded with light. That gave an impression of flatness.

So I’ve changed the angle of the light and rendered the whole lot out again. Now there are lots of shadows to be noticed again, to help accentuate the forms and add a bit of interest. I’m much happier with this. In space the light would usually be affected by the following things:

1 - there’s no atmosphere to scatter the light, so shadows would tend to be dark and hard-edged
2 - a single light source usually dominates the lighting - the nearest star or some artificial lighting

I kept the same camera angle, which meant I was able to keep all the post work I’d done up until now. Incidentally, I’ve now broken the scene into 7 bits rendered separately, to take the strain off my computer. This new output should hopefully see me through to the finish


If you click on the image you’ll get this at full resolution. I’m showing some detail from thew new render after changing the lighting. The shadows were always supposed to be there - funny how I almost lost them. I’m showing a bit more post-work too, like adding detail to the cracked hull plate


… and showing the current state of my file at 30% resolution (if you click on the image)

The guidelines stated in the competition ask you to aim for the kind of resolution that fills what is approximately an A4 page at 300 dpi. With that kind of printing you’d be able to see much more detail than this screen resolution output shows. However I need to see how the whole lot works as a composition at something close to A4 size

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Hey Mark, i like your new light position, works really nice and add more volume to the space ship for sure, great mate. Perhaps a more harder specular lights on some points, like on the plexiglass of the cockpit, in the frontal part of the bike and the anchor. I think in a bit glow (nuclear glow?? hahahah :smiley: ) for the ship exhausts (this can help to separate the ship of the BG… ) A question, this is the BG that you will use for the final image?? i think you need a “space” reference for the spaceship and the hippynaut in order to creat the sensation about floating in the space and drinking a “martian tequila” :smiley: The nebula is nice and the asteroids too, you can use a little nebula and 3 or five distant spiral and lenticular galaxies ( i like astronomy … :slight_smile: … ahhh by the way, i think your starfield needs some random variations on the bright and in some of them a bit flare effect :slight_smile: )… Again an other large comment… :blush: :slight_smile:

Again great work Mark !! Cheers! :beer:


Hey Fernando, thanks for your feedback buddy - your comments are appreciated - as always.

No, that background is not the final background - just a quick (temporary) star field. I’ve started making a nebula already and when I’ve got something to show I’ll be posting


Splendid progress mate!:thumbsup:

This ship is looking real complete now with lots of wonderful details. Just the way I like it!

I`m so glad you have been able to keep your wonderful Loony/cartoony technical style from your “Crazy cars”.

My only comment would be that I think you still could do with some adjustments of the lights. Some parts of the ship and,  like the closes water barrel look a bit flat. Also I think the Hippynaut looked a bit more relaxed and chilling out in your drawings of him. He looks a bit tense there now


But these are minor details and just my humble opinion. All over great job Mark.

Really hope you get in the top 10 this time, you deserve it!

    Sorry for not being around lately. Just too much work going on right now.

Trying to get focused on continuing my one entry. But it is hard to get started again.
Got 5 (maybe 6) different projects in totally different fields and different stages of production right now (think I may have overstretched my limit
My mind tend to wander off
… J