Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


I like the first background. Lookin good!


I like No.3. I imagine little asteroids denting the ship and making the typical sound “clonnn!!”:smiley: when you throw a stone to the can,hehe


Hey thanks for dropping by! Yes, those backgrounds were a bit different. I will be making my final scene in different layers, so I will easily be able to do it in the way you suggest and I will definitely try it out. I appreciate your suggestion.

Thank you for your opinion. Much appreciated

LOL! I like your description of the sound effects


Everything looks messy at this stage but I’m not worried by that. When I’ve got all the bits I need piled onto my Photoshop file I’ll have a good look at it all and adjust whatever needs adjusting.

It took a while to render everything out again at the new camera angle but that’s done now. I’ve changed a few things too. For example, the cord holding the water tanks is now turned into twisted rope so it will match the other ropes in the scene. I’ve also played with the jeans fabric some more.

I’ve dragged some extremely low-res background stuff onto this file but none of that is final. From here on I’ll be doing my post-work on the foreground stuff and then doing the background properly

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It’s finally coming together as a whole and this new render shows all the good stuff so well!

My comment (since I was late for voting for the background) is that you could make the asteroids smaller and darker so they don’t look like too much of a threat to the ship for being too close. The pants look really nice and washed off…

It’s maybe just me but from this angle I feel like maybe the guy wouldn’t fit too well inside the cockpit if he tried, ah nevermind…

Groovy stuff!:thumbsup:


Hey thanks mate! When I come close to finishing I’ll be looking at the overall balance. It’s important to me that the foreground stands out clearly so I’ll definitely be considering what you say there. In fact it’s possible that the asteroids might have to be dropped altogether if they dominate or confuse the image, but hopefully I’ll be able to make them work.

You raise an excellent point about the size of the cockpit too. Hippynaut will fit just fine in there but you are right in saying it doesn’t look like he will. I think this happened since I shifted to a slightly fish-eye lens. It makes the extremities look smaller than they really are.

Just to be sure, I’ll show in the next post how the hippy compares with the size of the cockpit. But I admit I’ve cheated a bit too - because I’ve now made his cockpit seat about 5% taller and a bit further back. And I’ve made the glass dome a bit higher too so it looks like it can fit over the top of everything when it swings down.

In the actual render I’ll also make the base of the seat lighter to make it easier to see just how deep it really is.

Thank you for your very helpful comment


Showing the size of hippynaut compared with the cockpit


Wow, this is coming along so brilliant. It’s time for this guy: :buttrock:

Oh, and you cut of the “Sharp thing” because you are hiding this: Klick me , aren’t you?


Hey Mark, the render of the whole spaceships looks awesome mate!!! really great!! and superb details!! (worth the hours of render :smiley: ) The cockpit is incredible!! wooooow I love all small detail on your image !! (the trash can!!! cool!!, it had not seen it before :smiley: ) Awesome work like always my friend!! Cheers!! :beer:


Love those new jeans and the label in the back! The cockpit shader is very good, and the
interior of the cockpit too! These big renders really reveal your attention to objects’ sense of existance in 3d environment, yet in a delicate, cool, cartoony way!
Keep up the great work!


Hey Torsten. Thanks mate. I like that link to the fluffy dice too :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. I’m about to post a bit more detail now. I hope you like it

I really appreciate your support and kind words buddy. Thank you

I’ve been seriously impressed and inspired by the beautiful wind-swept hair that Mathias (Varma) is making in his thread.

So rather than paint some 2D hair onto hippynaut I fired up the Hair module in my copy of Cinema and played a bit.

I find that when I show a lot of the detail in the image I have to degrade it heavily to get it under the 150K limit for updates. So I’ll post a full-sized detail of the hippynaut and zoom out in another update to show how it fits in with more of the scene


Here’s the hippynaut with the 3D hair. The body hair and suntan is pure Photoshop


… and zooming in a bit to full size.

I now expect to tweak a few details and then start working on my background

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hey Mark,
Great updates! One thing I noticed is the hair of the Hippy.
Everything you modelt looks toony and a bit like it’s modeled out of clay.
The hair doesn’t fit with the style imo.
I would prefer to see thick, toony polygon hairs if you know what I mean.

other than that it’s awesome!!


lol nice hair :bounce:


bro u rock! :buttrock: :bowdown: this is beyond my expectations man! :eek:
cant wait to see the entire composition! …darn it … i missed soo much!! :cry:


Some really cool updates here - it’s all coming together fine!
I’m a bit split about the hair since I really liked the previous version - this one looks cool too, but perhaps not as stylish?

One small thing bothers me a bit, it looks like he is not quite settled in the chair. The heels are expanding the cloth just fine, but his butt seems to be floating a tad bit above it. I dunno, it may be the angle - but perhaps some manual tweaks in Photoshop could sort it out.

What’s in the drink? Beer or some special kind of space booze? :smiley:


even his feet are dirty, heheheheh, diggin it! I agree with goro about the hair though, don’t hate me :smiley:


Hey Mark, awesome work !! great detail with the red skin on the hippynaut ! nice mate!! and liked the sticker for the stereo, cool!!
Some points i noted ( i hope you dont hate me, i know that render this image is a really time consumming :smiley: ) : I think the plastic glass can be more glossy. The right wrist is turned in a bit strange angle. Perhaps you need a backlight (without casting shadows, to separate a bit the ship from background). For the hair, i think the Goro´s suggestion is nice, I think a
straight hair can work well for hippie style, and maybe a band on the hair ( “a la Hendrix” :smiley: ). Only a large comment my friend :slight_smile: Again like always, superb work Mark !! Cheers!! and more :beer:


Hey Goro, great to see you back buddy. I was delighted to see your own thread being updated. I appreciate your opinion on the hair too. I’ve started working on that again

Cheers Tony. I’m glad you like the hair. I’ll be working on it a bit more though so hopefully you’ll like it more later!

Hey Neville, you’ve come back too! Great to see you back too buddy. Thanks for the wonderful encouragement - it never fails to lift my spirits mate

Yeah it definitely seems like I need to take another look at the hair then. Thanks for pointing it out. I understand what you mean about hippynaut’s butt not appearing to exert weight into the chair too. Hmmmm… I’ll see what I can do about that. As for what he’s drinking? I haven’t given it any thought at all! We scientists know that water boils away rapidly in a vacuum so it might have to be frozen solid. Maybe it’s some home brew hippy beer

Thanks Jeff. I appreciate your comment about the hair too. I’ve already started working on that

Hey Fernando. You raise some excellent points there mate. Thank you! By the way, I’ve structured the file so that now it’s reached this stage I only need to re-render small parts of it to make changes. So the render time is no longer a big problem. I like all your comments (the hair band is a really nice idea) and will see what I can do

Hahah! Looks like I spoke too early about getting to the background. Thanks again for such helpful feedback. I’ve started re-working the hair already and have taken note of the other suggestions too. As always, I doubt if I can fix everything to the high standards reached by so many of the clever folks here but I can have a lot of fun trying. With a whole month to go I’m not stressing about the time involved either

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