Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey thanks soapy. Yeah part of hippynaut’s strange behavior is his totally-blissful ignorance of how bad an idea it is be to sun-baking in full-strength cosmic radiation. I’m sure they teach them better in astronaut school. So I’m glad you think he looks happy and relaxed. My years as a cartoonist taught me a bunch of body-language poses I could rely on to depict different moods. That kind of pose is one I must have drawn countless times

Thank you so much. That is very kind of you. I’m enjoying the process of tinkering away at this with so much time for a deadline, so I hope to have the scene developed some more before I go final.

Thank you buddy. Much appreciated. I suppose I’ve reached the stage where I could rush it to the finish in a day or two, but there are heaps of things I want to do which will take a bit more care and a lot more time. So I’ll keep plugging away for a bit longer. Thanks for your sharp eyes noticing too much shine on that rock tex too. I agree with you. That’s my usual mistake to do that with tex and so I’ll it pull it back a bit

Thank you mate. Yes, the rope was originally a simple shape but I gave it a rope cross-section and then twisted it (applied a rotation) along its length. I figured it would offer a bit of interest. I’m glad you like the red socks too :slight_smile:


Here’s some more. The tyre is a simple shape with most of my time going into the texture. I’m using colour, bump and displacement maps to give the impression of geometry. Eagle-eyed cgtalkers might notice that the tyre is an elite future brand called the Remko Radial :wink:

I’ve also added some grime stains to the bamboo.

But now it’s time to fire up Cinema again and make a beach umbrella. And maybe also a portable stereo system (which should be suitably strange in a vacuum)

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Hey Mark, superb details mate!!, I enjoy a lot exploring your HR images, great!!!. The marihuana tattoo on the hippynaut is a cool touch!! the pipes are superb, the bicycle awesome!! and the “Remko Radial” … hahahahahahahaha… amazing detail (and what a great texture, i can feel the rubber!! - and maybe in the future we see that tyres in formula one :smiley: ) :thumbsup: .
I think that the hippynaut’s right arm is in a strange position ( like if the beach chair has an armrest) Perhaps the elbow and upperarm more close to the torso, only a comment :slight_smile: Again incredible work my friend !! :beer:


Love that tire! The continuing of details is so fun to follow. One small thought, it looks like the metal for the anchor and the turbine right behind it is of the same kind - perhaps even using the same map?
Yeah, I know - picky, picky :slight_smile:


go go go go go :buttrock:


Wow, those hi-res pics look great.
One minor thing: the anchor looks a bit to glossy, especially in the corroded areas.

Way to go. :arteest:



Awesome! I can see more of the engine now, and It looooks good! I’m sure your scene data
is awfully BIG now, hope you have enough ram to handle the rendering!
Best wishes!


It’s looking great, Mark. That tyre texture is really convincing. I’m not at this point as convinced by the jeans - the combination of the texture and the hilights is makeing them look more plastic than denim. Darkening the texture and decreasing the hilights could help a bit. Anyhow, good to see the guy finally there to enjoy his stuff. Keep it coming!


Nice work on the tire and the bamboo, really good stuff!


Thanks for your helpful comments mate. I like your idea for changing the pose of the arm. I’ll definitely have a go at that.

Thank you Gunilla. That’s an excellent point you mention - yes that anchor was textured with the same rusty metal map I’d used for the giant tank - and a bunch of other things :wink: I’ve now changed the anchor to be something more like anodized metal - which contrasts better against the big rusty tank. You’ll be able to see the change next time the anchor appears in an update

Thank you, thank you, thank you :slight_smile:

Cheers Torsten. Yes you are right - it was too glossy. Thanks for noticing that. I’ve now changed the material to something more like an anodized metal. That’s shiny too, but at least it’s shiny for a reason

Cheers Mathias. You’re so right about RAM and rendering. I’ve had to create a lot of texture maps, and they all load whenever I open and render a scene. So I’ve now reached the point where my scene is broken up into 6 components. I render each one separately and layer them together in Photoshop

Cheers Mike. Thanks for your comment about the denim. I agree with you - it definitely needs more work. Thanks for your suggestions on what to do about it

Thank you. I’m glad you like the bamboo. But I can assure you, you wouldn’t like how long it takes to render. All those little strings and knots holding them together slow things down badly - so they occupy their own file for rendering


I thought I’d show you the umbrella before I dropped it into the scene. I’m especially proud of the screw clamp that holds it to the main beam of the timber deck. Of course half of that clamp will be hidden from view so that was kind of a big waste of time too. But hey, this challenge goes for 4 months right?

The umbrella is similar to one I made for the EON challenge but it’s got a lot of differences too. At this stage of my career I’m getting pretty fast at making umbrellas.

I bet you’re wondering how the hippy can choose such a simple flat colour for his umbrella, when everything else if heavily patterned. That’s part of my plan to draw the eye to the hippy part of the scene. Some strong bright colours and clean shapes should help them stand out against all the messy stuff around it. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but that’s my plan anyway

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Hey Mark, awesome umbrella mate!!, the clamp is superb!! and the wood texture really great !! ( every day you are putting more pressure in this challenge my friend :smiley: ). I agree with you for using some objects on flat colours :wise: :smiley: (the simply dot patch for the umbrella is a nice touch)
Great work my friend, like always !! Cheers !! :beer:


Mark, my friend are you really sure the ‘monster job’ is the other one? I’m throughly scared by the insane and magnificent amount of detail you’re putting in this work, and I’m sure I’d be even more scared if I knew the first thing about 3d…

LOVE it.:thumbsup::love:


…Under my umbrella, ehey, ehey, …
Really nice, and I definitely approve your decision about the color! Wise choice!
This will definitely put the Hippynaut in the focos again!
Have a nice weekend, mate!


wow mark,I love all the new detail stuff! great high res shots…superb mate! you’ve put so much hard work into this. the to do list is funny!


Nice work on the umbrella Mark. You know since there is no wind in space you could actually use it at full speed, really handy! :slight_smile:


Thanks buddy. Your encouraging comments mean a lot to me. When I think about the clamp, I guess the thing about it is that much of the mechanism is hidden, but the part of it that’s not hidden has to make some sort of sense. And the design of that part will be dictated by the hidden bits. So there’s my (flimsy) excuse for modeling the whole clamp. However I have no sensible justification for also modeling the internal thread which the clamp screws into - that was just plain indulgence! :slight_smile:

Hey that is really kind of you to say such things buddy, but I can assure you I don’t feel at all like my stuff is anything to be scared of. For example, I’m sure you’re familiar with this guy’s work. It’s just amazing

Thanks matey. My first rough renders show that the umbrella is already drawing the eye straight to that part of the scene so I’m happy with that. In fact I’ll probably need to make sure it doesn’t dominate the scene too much

Hey John, we miss your inspired craziness mate. Such a shame you’ve been too busy to do more on your thread. But I guess that shows how much the freelance clients love your stuff too. Thanks for dropping by

Cheers soapy. You are right about that umbrella being usable at full speed. Zero wind pressure can be handy. Actually, while I’ve conveniently adopted that reasoning for the umbrella, I’ve also conveniently ignored things like zero gravity. With zero gravity the creases and folds in the umbrella are just as likely to be floating up as hanging down, but I went for what I think looks nicest. There’s a time and a place for science - but convenience is always important :wink:


It might seem crazy but I found the modeling of this portable stereo to be perhaps the most difficult bit so far.

I really struggled to find that elusive point between real and cartoony. Every time I made some progress I found myself deleting big chunks of mesh and starting again. Everything was either too real, too cartoony or too weird.

I’m showing my initial sketches here - normally just that little bit of planning helps me avoid trouble, but I think I spent too much time beforehand looking at (and being influenced by) reference photos.

Now this is done I’m rendering most of the stuff out again, to include a whole lot of fixes

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lol nice stereo dude …cool bananas:thumbsup:


Hey Mark, you not seems crazy … you are crazy!!! hahahaha (but in a wonder and incredible way :smiley: )

I think that portable stero fits really well with the style of your concept, great buddy!! ( maybe a decal of the Rolling Stones classic tongue logo -another hippie icon- on the stereo… … only a wish … hahahaha … :smiley: :wink: ) Another great great work my friend. Cheers! :beer: