Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Awesome project Mark. It is really looking sharp so far! With all these space images maybe you should do a space themed book?


Hey thanks Mark. Much appreciated mate. And yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen those same Kombis. And you’re in South Oz eh? Excellent place. I almost ended up living there too at one stage.

Hey Dan, thanks mate! I’m seriously looking forward to seeing what amazing stuff you can come up with in one of these challenges

Thanks Goro. It’s great to see you back in this too mate

Thanks Gunilla. Yep, hippy jeans were definitely big on patches. I’ll probably do some frayed edges in Photoshop, but now I’ve already stitched a peace symbol patch onto the pocket to get things started

Thank you buddy. It’s really nice to get back to some outer-space nonsense :slight_smile:

Thank you! Much appreciated

Hey soapy, great to hear from you buddy. Thanks for the idea to do a book of this stuff. That might happen one day


Now, where was I?

It sure is great to get back into this. Monster freelance job (MFJ) isn’t finished yet but I’ve reached the stage where I can play on this stuff again while big chunks of MFJ renders.

Insightful cgtalkers might have guessed by now that above-mentioned MFJ was a 3D animation. At this point I’d love to tell you all about it, but then I’d have to ask you all not to tell anyone, or worse still, mention it on the internet.

So here’s some hippy jeans to hang over the washing line, based on my sketches. Proper hippy jeans had things like worn-out frayed edges but the thought of doing that in 3D is enough to make me wake up screaming in the middle of the night. No, better to resort to post-work in Photoshop

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Hey Mark, great model mate!!:thumbsup: you have a great base to work the jeans on Photoshop. I like a lot the peace symbol patch on the pocket !! nice detail !! :smiley:


Hey welcome back!! I don’t know how big is your Monster Freelance Job, My freelance jobs are Trollish at best, but I’m glad you’re posting again.:smiley:

Nice pants…


aw, sorry this was a duplicate, silly me:rolleyes:


I thought I posted yesterday, maybe I didn’t send the message correctly…
Nice to see you here and back !
It is cool to hear news about you behind the contest !
So let’s follow your thread, again ! :thumbsup:


nice update mate :thumbsup: …and the usual word …keep going :bounce:


Nice to see you back on track. :thumbsup:

Great trousers. I am only missing the pegs. :scream:


hahaha love the pants Mark. Maybe suspenders belt would look good on them too? :beer:


Thanks buddy. I’m glad you like the jeans. When I look at the result I’m pretty happy with how they look, but the fussy part of me sees things that aren’t quite what I was aiming for and so I’ll be making a few minor changes. The thing is, I did them while my freelance animation job was rendering and so I wasn’t really focused. But that’s about to change :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. I’m really glad to be back. My brain’s a bit fried from the freelance job but I’ll be throwing myself back into this pretty soon now

Thank you! Much appreciated. Yep, I’m planning on a having a whole lot more fun with this now.

Thanks Tony. Much appreciated mate

Thank you. Yep, I originally had recessed areas that indicated where the pegs would go, but when I put the pockets on I covered them up. But I agree it needs some pegs - outer space is too big a place to let your favourite pair of jeans go adrift

Thanks buddy. Nice idea about the suspenders. I’ll see how my current modeling fits into the composition and make a decision then. By the way, it’s great to see your entry looking so close to final


Well, the Monster Freelance Job is finished.

It’s been pretty intense because I had a huge amount to learn about the animation side of the software. So my brain feels a bit fried right now. So I’m going to take a bit of time off from all this stuff for a short while and then throw myself back into this properly.

First plan is to tweak the mesh for the jeans a bit. Then I might drop in a very simple rig to ‘pose’ them in the scene.

I also want to start rendering chunks of this scene at full resolution. That’s the only way I’ll be able to judge what works at that size and what doesn’t. And it will also let me start the first stages of Photoshop post work. The hippynaut especially will be heavily influenced by the post work. I’m really looking forward to this next stage.

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Hey Mark, yes I am in South Oz. Great place to live just wish it was easier to get work here…lol would hate to have to move…easy living.



Seems funny :slight_smile:


Glad to see you back in action Mark, looking forward to new progress.

Steve 8)



There sure is a lot to be said for easy living. Here in Sydney at the moment we have APEC going on - it’s been over a week of night-and-day helicopters and snipers on roofs and a giant 5km steel fence keeping Sydney people out of, well, Sydney. Yes, easy-living South Australia seems very attractive right now

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey Steve, thanks buddy. Great to see you still dropping by after you’ve finished your challenge entry


Things feel kind of unfamiliar digging through my hippy spaceship files again. Thankfully I have a good filing system. And one day I hope to understand it.

One advantage of being forced to step aside from this for a month is that now I’ve come back to it I’m seeing it a bit differently. There are a few bits I’m not all that satisfied with.

This update shows the hippy’s jeans hanging over the clothes line. I’m keen to see how this thing holds up at full resolution too so I figure it’s time to crank up the render settings and see what comes out

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That is one beautiful spaceship! Excellent.


That’s brilliant Mark! Good to have you back, with new eyes and fresh perspective on your
ship! It’s looking awesome and you have done so much great work with this!
I like the addition of socks and pants, makes it so homey!
The shader on the cockpit glass, pilot’s chair, engin exhaust and the tire are masterfully done!
Maybe you could spare a second glanse at the shaders asigned to the ladders and the
bandage! They look great already, though!
Any Ideas yet, about the background? I’m kind of curious!
Keep up mate!


Hey - glad to see you survived the monster gig, and one day you may perhaps be able to speak freely about how you rescued those folks at NASA. Until then I’m glad to follow your work on HippyShip, the pants are a great addition and all the details are wokring just fine. Some things are still missing, right? The guitar, flute and bongo drums. The IChing sticks and Tarot deck. Do you want me to continue? :smiley: