Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Hey Mark, where´re your Eon army???

I´ll be taking a look to your new, probably hilarious, work:D :thumbsup:


Wow !
excellent :
i love the first one with the plane :slight_smile:

very crazy :smiley:

Good luck to you my friend :wink:


Hallo, Mark!

I was sure you could NOT miss this one, and I can’t wait to see how this thread develops. You’ve already given me some very good laughs.

Best of luck (as if you needed it :wink: ).


Thank you Michael :slight_smile:

Cheers Gunilla. Yeah, I’m thinking more and more that the image must be eye-catching. I want it to be something you don’t see every day. The other scenes might work as ideas but don’t really grab me as a visual spectacle. So the space scene is the one I’ll be doing.

Hi Sabrina! Great to see you dropping by. I sure hope this means you might be thinking of starting your own thread :wink:

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words and your opinion very much. I was happy with that restaurant scene as a drawing but I think that as a humorous art piece it’s peaked. What I mean is, I think it might be working as well as it can in its current quick-sketch form and might even be slightly less effective in 3D. That was why I was thinking of either the tree scene or the spaceship. I’m keen to go with the spaceship because I think it has the potential to go much further as a piece of eye-catching imagery than the others. I sure hope I’m right!

Hi Gonzalo! Thank you very much for dropping by mate! There’s no EON army this time - just me and my Mac. But I can assure you, I have absolutely no faith at all in my ability to take my work seriously for 4 whole months.

Thank you Laeticia. I’m pleased to say that the plane is the one I’ll be doing

Thanks mate! I appreciate your kindness and confidence in my stuff. But I can assure you, I’ll happily grab every bit of luck I can find!


there you are… :bounce:


Hmmm, wait a minute! I’ve seen this avatar before, I must think, Not sure though!
Glad to see you here Mark! Spacey or not, your ideas are always spicey and filled
with lots of funny moments and great toony execution!
I sure am looking forward to see what you might come up with for this one!
Good luck!


Heya Mark ,

OMG , I laughed so hard on the restaurant one :scream: … aha , made my day …

Arf so many great ideas … I saw you’re up for the plane one , should be really great .
It’s gonna be really cool to follow !

Best of luck and have fun here … sure you already are ! :slight_smile:

cheers ,



Ha,haha!Amazing start buddy!Got a special feeling about the one with that guy in the nest!I already can see the hilarious and surprised look on the birds faces and that really made me laugh!MAybe some other human flying over and throughing a worm to his mouth could be funny too.the birds will be even more surprised…just thinking up loud…haha.

Anyway, Great ideas and sketches.It will be a pleasure again following your work David!!


Hi Mona, great to see your bouncing GP avatar on this thread! It’s excellent to see your own thread started too. Fire up the drawing tablets, it’s time to party

Hey thanks Mathias. Much appreciated buddy. By the way, I still think your escaped avatar is one of the cleverest here

Cheers matey! Yeah, I’m pretty much settled on the idea of doing the spaceship one, and yeah I am enjoying this (again). I’m sure looking forward to watching your thread too - your stuff is amazing!

Hi Remko! Thank you mate! I’m really glad you liked the bird’s nest idea. I was tempted to go with that one but I was a bit too keen on making one almighty big (and crazy) spaceship so I’ll be sticking with the first idea after all


Here’s a rough plan for the space ship, cobbled together out of primitives so I can see how it might look. My idea is that when you look at the detail you’ll see it’s going to be all low-technology and built in a slightly comical way.

My original plan was to do something that wasn’t too big so you could see the front hatch open and guess where the guy crawled out of it. But maybe it will be more interesting if I let the spaceship be bigger and more detailed - that open hatch doesn’t have to be at the very front - it can be anywhere. And after all, I’ve got 4 months to play with this. So now I’m contemplating the idea being more ambitious with my space ship. Any opinions on this?


A lot of great ideas here. Going with the space idea? I’ll be watching.


Many concepts !
The space ship is the best, but you haven’t wait my opinion to do your choice !
I can remember your “journey” entry with the 2 mices. I hope this one will be great too ! I’m pretty sure it will be.
Have fun Mark !


I like the start for your ship - you seem to have found a balance between sweet and cuddly on one hand and lethal force on the other. Should be interesting.
The idea of making it big opens for a lot of possibilities, there could be room for many recreation areas on the surface. A pool in the turbine?


Wow Mark you’ve been buisy, glad you decided to enter, you have my peepers firmly focused on your thread.

Steve 8)


Very cool ideas all of them but I think you’re right in focusing on the spaceship!



Hey, Mark! Good to see you here again - I really enjoyed your direction in the last Challenge and am looking forward to seeing another one. Why the big rush to solidify and idea so soon? You have 4 months! :slight_smile: The spaceship idea is fun, but considering you did umpteen ships in the last Challenge, just doing one seems… easy? Repetitve? (Hope you don’t mind me saying so - no offense intended!) Anyhow, it’ll be fun to watch no matter what. Welcome back!



Thanks Michael. Yep, the plan is to head off to space again

Thank you very much! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Cheers Gunilla. I’m glad I might be heading towards that balance you mention. That really is what I’m aiming for. I don’t want it to look like a typical warship - in fact I’m thinking of taking those gun turrets off and replacing them with satellite dishes or aerials or something. Thanks for your suggestions about the recreation area too! :slight_smile:

Cheers Steve. I’m looking forward to seeing your work develop too, although I guess you’re already pretty busy right now

Thanks Anders! Much appreciated. I think the spaceship should be a lot of fun

Hey Mike, thank you for your thoughtful and (as usual) very intelligent comments. As always, much appreciated mate! I can assure you I could not take any offense at all. I guess the main reason for jumping in so quickly with the spaceship idea is that I got excited by the thought of doing it. But that wasn’t the only thing. When I did the EON spaceships they were all variations of a few very similar meshes. That’s how I did them all so quickly. Rumors of large teams of volatile engineers working around the clock are totally unfounded and I have no idea how they started :wink: This new spaceship will be totally different and much more ambitious than what I did in EON. In fact I’m pretty nervous about it, but that’s our secret and I’m sure no one else here would dare read a comment addressed to you so I’m sure this secret is safe. Hahah! And there is so much I haven’t even begun to decide in so many areas in this, and that’s definitely something I hope to get suggestions and feedback on. (hint, hint)

Well I’m sitting here having a great time - I feel like a kid playing with Lego, lumping simple shapes together in Cinema 4D to assemble a basic outline for my spaceship. I’ll post some more 3D roughs some time soon

  • Mark


Well I’m sitting here having a great time - I feel like a kid playing with Lego, lumping simple shapes together…

I hear you there!

Great start and very good Idea using primitives to block out the concept! When you say you
might removing the gun turrets, I think maybe you could keep at least one, but instead of
the “typical Industrial type”, you could alternatively replace it with a “Huge Harpoon”, maybe
not so huge either, just the right size? You never know what/whom you could stumble about
out there!
That’s of course my weard imagination again!
More updates please!!


Hi Mark. I loved your Journey entry and will definitely follow this one.

Great concept and a nice start on that spaceship. :thumbsup:

Good luck with the challenge.


Mathias, you’re brilliant! I love that idea of the harpoon. It’s perfect for the kind of technology I’m wanting to portray. I could have it rubber-band-powered or something like that. Thank you buddy.

Hey Torsten, you’re back again too! That’s great news. Thanks for your kind words mate.