Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: mark alford


I went out and took some photos in the garden. Did like this background…cleaned it up a bit and blurred the horizon. I took the bomber and small one to the right out…dont think they are needed.


Hehehe buddy,nice to see you’re in again!!!Totaly madness in here, just love your totaly disturbed ideas!!!Got a weak for the icelicking tank,…huge madness!!!(NO, this is Sparta,i hear you say):grin:
CAn’t wait to see your next steps!THat butterfly pic also got a lot of potential!
Yep well later Mark!!!Cheers:beer: :beer:


very good idea and very good paint, i love the concept good job


Hey Mark, nice update man!! :thumbsup: I think perhaps a small flowers or more far from the butterflys action, only a comment. Again nice job mate!! :smiley:


That’s a really cool idea - the gun-fire looks beautifully out of context coming from those critters. I also liked your parking idea, but this butterfly image looks like an excellent choice. At the moment they all have their wings fully open. Does that mean that they are ‘fixed-wing’ butterflies or do you intend them to be of the regular flapping variety?


Fighter Butterflys - great idea:thumbsup:



Hiya all, Today I have done some more detail on the red baron and Have placed an exploding moth hitting the plant. I keep moving the centre tiger moth around…i think it sits well where it is :slight_smile:


Hiya all,

Great to see u guys here :thumbsup:

OKMER …Thanx I try to do something different diturbing is good…hehe
MDN67 …Cheers i hope u like the update.
Ferx … I may put another flower in closer to the action…will see how it developes.
mdavid …Thanx would be weird to see little critter like this with weapons…could be a good concept for a lan game…hehe. Yes these are fixed winged, not sure i could get my head around moving parts…lol
Gord-MacDonald … thanx Gord :slight_smile:


Hiya all, Been busy and finally finished the image to my satisfaction.

I did enjoy this concept, Butterflies and Moths in a battle at the bottom of the yard.



Nice idea! In fact…who knows! Maybe there are reall battles between butterflies :slight_smile:


hey cool work. i love the way you did the closest pine needle. it looks super wicked. grats on finishing too!


Thanx for dropping by and commenting :slight_smile:



wooohooo! :bounce: congratulations!! :applause: this is super cool! :buttrock: never imagined butterflies as war planes! hehehehe :smiley: good work mate! :thumbsup: cheers to you! :beer:


@Slav Hey there thanx :slight_smile: The plant and background are from a photo I took at work and then using Photoshop filters got this result.

@nwiz25 Thanx for the comment it took a while to come up with an original idea. I am very happy with it and for finishing aswell.



Hey Mark, wooow , great and cool concept!! I liked a lot. The composition for the butterfly dogfight is really great!! Congratulations for this nice artwork and best of luck! Cheers mate! :beer:


Hey Ferx, Thanx for popping over and thanx for the kind words.
Cheers :thumbsup:


Hey Ferx, Thanx for popping over and thanx for the kind words.
Cheers :thumbsup:


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