Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: mark alford


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Latest Update: Final Image: woohoo finished


Woohoo…here we are again…hhmmm what to do???

What happened to the last challenge i have not seen any info on winners or is Eon being made??

Well have fun everyone :slight_smile:


I have this old car which looks evil and I do think she has a sole. If she came alive that would be stange behavior…lol


A cute little girl and her teddy…but dont mess with her or her bear or you’ll be sorry. :slight_smile:


Here is a series of 5 concepts…

  1. Child offering a tank a lick of his cone.
  2. Car surfing
  3. A UFO seeing how cold the water is…
  4. anvil baloon
  5. Vertical parking.


the ufo and the vertical parking are cool concepts, nice sketches.


Brakes are good but the motor just wont stop…:slight_smile:


he has a thing for that fish…


Thanx zweiDee,

I checked your sketchbook link, great stuff dude. I do conceptual art aswell.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I vote for Vertical Parking too! it’s really funny and innovative man! I can imagine a great piece of that from now if you did it as expected from ur sketch! :slight_smile:

mim, :thumbsup:


Hi your sketches are good!!

I’d go with the fish/astronaut one, the design is simple and adorable… it would stand up among so many heavy compositions!

Aww the parked truck! that would give you a neat opportunity for lighting! plus damn wacky!

I’ll be seen which one you pick…


@mim-Armand - Thanx for popping by 2nd vote for the vertical parking, might have to go with that one.

@SteevieWoo - Hiya, I do like the Astronaut and fish too. But looks like you like the V-parking also so the votes have it.

Vertical parking it is, i will start developing it. Cheers all.


Hi guys and gals, I have come up with a new idea. Dogfighting butterflys…i thought of something harmless and placed them in World War 2…lol


Ok here is the colour version, I have 3 contries represented…Germany, America and England.


Hey Mark, very cool ideas and nice sketches!! :thumbsup: I like a lot your UFO idea, really funny!! :smiley:
and you have a great touch for cartoon cars!!! ( maybe a mix idea with a car? a car full of water and drived by a fish?? only a comment :slight_smile: ) Good luck !! and for sure following your progress and concepts ! :beer:


Thanx for popping over and having a look… I do like doing cartoon cars. I am going to go with the latest concept…with the butterfly(red baron) and the moths in a Dogfight high above the back lawn…:slight_smile:



I have been playing with position of the red barron butterfly and size of other elements. I feel happy with the progress sofar.


Excellent stuff Mark, I was impressed with all of your original sketches you clearly have a good eye for humour!. I think the dogfight is a strong concept but I liked the impression of scale that the flower gave in your earlier sketch, are you dropping the flower or is it coming back?

One last point - PLEASE finish the vertical parking idea some day - cracking!

All the best my friend


Hey there, Thanx for dropping by. thanx for the comments I almost forgot about the background…yes I will bring the flower back.

Oh and the vertical parking has not been forgotten…might make that a personal challenge :slight_smile:



I have been playing with position of the red barron butterfly and size of other elements. I feel happy with the progress sofar.