Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Marielle Reuser


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Latest Update: Final Image: Home Sweet Home - Final Image


In addition to killing bad guys, my powergirl is also responsible for keeping the house tidy…


The second stage… Colour and shading of the character. I used a picture of a 50’s housewife as a reference. I tried to give her a tired, worn out look from a long day of vampire hunting. - Sorry for submitting the stages at once, this is my first time :wink:


Updated version with the background painted in. I made the character’s eyes bigger and the hair very shiny. I like to achieve that 50’s pinup effect to refer to that 50’s (housewife) theme. Things that need special attention now are the weapons and the facial expression. I might need some help with the lamp. How do you make it glow?


Not quite finished yet. Touching some things up tomorrow.


“A woman’s work is never done…” This powergirl hunts down villians in the nighttime but also has to do some housework from day to day. Cleaning annoys her a bit and she gets even more cross when caught redhanded.

This image is a mix of the typical 50’s housewife representation and the 50’s pinup with some ninja references in the clothing.

I have used reference images from the internet and used my own face for expressions. The entire image is made in photoshop over about 4 evenings (12 hours). This is my third digital project.


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