Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


looking good bro! I really like the facial expression its quarky and adds to the effect of Strange behaviour! I think the pose is looking good as well, and I like how frayed the wings look at the end, nice touch of realism. The only crit I may have is that to me the dragon looks to universally shiny, which makes it look a little plastic to me. But thats the only thing I can think of, it starting to look really good and I cant wait to see it all compiled together :slight_smile:


So funny Maciej !
Maybe your picture needs a better background but this is already cool like that !


gpepper - Merci Gilles, glad you like my image :slight_smile: the background is on page 3 (post 34) I will compose all the next days and hope finish all the piece on sunday. Love your chicken`run anim :thumbsup:

Artisan-Hawks - hey buddy, :bounce: yes you`re right about the specularity, I will certainly alter it. thx alot for the imput

Hiun - thank you, I`m glad the image speaks by itsef :slight_smile:

walrus - thx, well no, raised wings don`t work with this pose, the tail should be raised too… definitly not the time to rethink about a more dynamic pose :banghead:


This is developing well I can see!
Love your book collection, reminds me a lot of my own :slight_smile:

Rock on!


Oh yeah, sorry, I missed it ! Thanks for your kind of word ! :wink:


Ok this is the final rendering of the dragon (about 8h) and exept few little changes I will not change to much here. For the left part I will maybe have the time to fill the nest with more clocks :slight_smile:

gpepper - you`re welcome :slight_smile:


I really the way you finshed with that close up. Good work.Good luck to spike . You know the Butcher is not gonna eat it?


Hey scala this is not the final close-up :scream: thers alot of things to add, a background mountain, a forground. Comming soon. Thx for the imput.

I saw the rat, so no dragons finally?


congrats on a great challenge entry :thumbsup:
looks just awesome man. great lighting and textures. :deal:


Hey Maciej! Dragon is so cute. It’s poze is good too. Nice job!
Looking for the final! Good luck! Cheers!


Keep up this good work, can’t wait to see the final post on monday!


Almost done :slight_smile: need to correct some details and establish the final color palette.


coolkonrad - thx :slight_smile: I have 99% done, the last 1% is just detail settings :bounce:

ashiataka - thank you, glad you like the overall work :slight_smile:

chaitanyak - thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:


I like this little dragon. Really cute.


:drool: ooooo Nice touch! :thumbsup:


Hello, its looking good, just one minor thing which I am sure you might have caught already, The tail looks like its been cut off :scream:

I do like the name spike! :thumbsup:


Final colors, final composition and cropping. Did I forget anything? I hope not but any comments are wlecome :slight_smile:


Artisan-Hawks - yeah the tail… I had to render the image in few region passes, modo said it have 220M polygons to render :surprised anyway all is done and I`m making now some minor changes in photoshop before posting the full sized 2500x3572 pixels TIF :slight_smile:

Hiun - thank you :slight_smile:

authentic - thx, glad you like spike :slight_smile:


In the land of Dordor are living many creatures, there are elves, dwarves and dragons. Some are dangerous, some are ferocious and some are… odd. One of them called Spike (we dont know who could have had a pet dragon, almost humans which approched dragons just died) gathers in his nest clocks from all the region. We dont know for what obscure reason he have this strage behaviour. Maybe clocks makes a sound he likes, maybe he thinks it`s eggs?

Thanks everybody for help, support and feedback.
This image is a tribute to one of my favourites illustrators: Rodney Matthews.

Tech info: modeling, texturing and rendering done in Luxology modo, final colors and retouch done in Adobe Photoshop.


Hey, congratulations to you too!. Cool dragon. :beer:
Rodney Mathews has always been one of my favourite artists. I wish you the best of lucks on the judging.