Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


maan! your texturing is just too much! makes me feel like just quitting on my entry! :argh:

looks really good. someday i hope to be able to something nearly as good as this :smiley:

best of luck.


Looks great!


The Dragon is soooooooooo cute :thumbsup:


js3d - thx :slight_smile: glad you like Draco :smiley:

Pearlyking - thank you

chaitanyak - thx, haha no dont quit, your bike model is awesome and Im sure your texturing will be great too :thumbsup: good luck to you too :bounce:


Almost done :slight_smile: need to texture a little the wings and make the most diffcult for me: pose the dragon correctly, sculpt some muscles and make a cool face expression.
After will come little details and final render with environement.


Nice work and I like the way you use Modo! And thanks for your post in the forum at :slight_smile:
Inspirational work in your portfolio at your website! Seems like we have a lot in common as Rodney Matthews for example. Here’s a photo from my library, bought it in 1985 but I keep it safely away from my kids :slight_smile:

Good luck and rock on, only a week left.


Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: Yes a week left and I still not had the time to pose the creature, make the final render and paint over the lst touch-ups :banghead:

I wanted to avoid this but it looks like I have few unsleeping nights to spend on this. It will be a shame to not finish in time :shrug:

Glad you like my work :slight_smile: …and about Rodney see the image below :smiley:


Finally I posed the draco, that wasnt easy. Anyway Im now working on the details like wings transparency, maybe something more “translucent”?
Any comments & crits welcome!


Some touch-ups on the wings texture and scraches at the edges. I also made the dragon smaller but I think it have to be bigger anyway.


Well, I see that I have to model more clocks :slight_smile: because of the scale of the dragon, I don`t want to make the clocks bigger. Meybe the reddish one…


Nice dragon I guess my butcher like him too


Hahah thx scala :slight_smile: but this one will not fit in the shop :smiley:


Are you sure ?


Yeah, it`s a biiiig draco this one :smiley: maybe in pieces heh :wip:


Wow, it’s really coming along! The modeling is looking really nice, especially those rock textures and the dragon. It’s a shame most of the dragon is hidden by his own wings, It also makes him really hard to read: his silhouette is just a big blob, but if you curved the neck around and raised the wings, I’m sure you could work him into a much more readible and iconic silhouette.

Right now the color you have in the background is the same value as the dragon, which also makes it hard to read, but I assume that’s not your final. What are you thinking of for back there? (Apologies if you’ve already said and I just missed it?) Are you modeling, or just painting a matte?

Better hurry… good luck!


Thank you Michael for such good feedback.

Youre perfectly right, I have to change those wings by making them much more transpaernt or by raising them. Its a diffficult part to make them belivelable :shrug: but I have to try to not kill all the dragon shape.

The background is on page 3 (post 34) a foggy distorded mountain :smiley:
Fortunnelly I have just to pose correctly the wings model few more clocks and make final renders. 6 days to go, it will be just in time… as always :smiley:


Well I really don`t like the wings posed back but they not hide the body… any comments?


Smaller wings looks better and show the body. Also added SSS weins and pushed the skin color to green.


It’s certainly a step in the right direction (and the new wing shader is a nice touch!) Have you considered trying to raise the wings overhead, as though he were just landing? Just an idea… :slight_smile:


:DOne thing is for sure and it’s that your image is memorable. Your dragon is so well crafted and the expression is warm and inviting, it gives the dragon a very loving character. It makes me curious to know what is going on in his head. Like a puzzle or project he/she is excitedly working on but I the viewer has no clue of what’s happening. So I am thinking to myself “What a strange and interesting little dragon” :smiley: Great piece!:thumbsup: