Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


Because its my last day before having alot of work to do I couldnt resist to post a whole composition test with the dragon. Far from a finished picture you can see how it will look.

Hope to be back soon with next updates. And feel free to fire your comments. Thx.


I have worked with many settings to achieve this “crystal look”. The rock texture have alot of parametres like changing color on slope, displacemnt on slope etc.


Impressive crystals


SEMSAHMER - Thank you :slight_smile:

A small info: I just get modo 3.01 and I will soon start sculpting the dragon`s details :bounce:
So updates coming soon!


Hey Maciej, Draco is really great !! really nice model ! and that crystal are superb mate!!:thumbsup:
Perhaps a more “neutral” colour instead of the brown in the inferior part of the body ( I think in a white tone with a blue note), because you have a lot of brown on nest and rocks, only a comment :slight_smile: Again great work !! :beer:


I like the way the lava rock is looking and the dragon’s facial expression is really good as well!
keep it up I think this is working out well for ya!!!



Ferx - thank you for your comment :slight_smile: you`re probably right about the colors, I will of course make sevral tests before making a decision.

Artisan-Hawks - thx friend :slight_smile: I posed the dragon just to put it in the scene, I hope to enhance this soon. Glad you like his face, I found it funny :bounce:


Well after 3 illustration assignments Im back to work expecting to finish the challenge at time. So here is the heads UV. I will proceed to the body. As modo allows to multiple uvs/materials painting I will make two uvs for this dragon.


Next UV step, the whole body with tail and legs. Now I can start painting the textures :slight_smile:


I bet you are glad that the uv mapping is done :slight_smile: For me its the least favorite thing I like to do. But it is a part of the process! Still looking good, cant wait to see how you paint it!


Here is some first pained maps. Nothing final but I think this starts to be funny. I dont want to make a verry realistic skin. More something fun and painted like. Well see how this evolves. C&C warmly welcomed.

Christopher - Thx for your comment :slight_smile: I hate creating UVs but as you say it have to be done. I see unfortunelly that I took too much shortcuts and have to correct some things later on the final image. If it was for an animation I think I`ll should redo many UVs parts.


damn! i totally missed this! :cry: i just went through your entire thread! amazing updates bro! :bounce: :buttrock: and your latest rocks even more! good work on the textures and modeling job! got a nice soft feel to it! :thumbsup: cheers to u bro! :beer:


Hey Maciej, cool textures man!! the bump skin for “Draco” is nice!!.. and the scratches on the skin, really great. Surely puts a nice note over your cartoon style character. Again great work like allways my friend! Cheers :beer:


Hi Maciej! What a shame I’ve missed your progress. Everything you’ve done so far is amazing. Draco is superb, hilarious. All the bump and displacement maps seem very good, especially the Draco’s and the skin seems great. Keep up this great work! I’ll keep an eye on this thread from now on. Cheers!


nwiz25 - thx :slight_smile:

Ferx - thank you :slight_smile:

ashiataka - thx, glad you like my work :slight_smile:


This is looking really good, both idea and execution!
Good luck! Looking forward for more!


Head almost done :slight_smile: need horns and few little corrections here and there. And some work on eyes and overal specular.

musi - thx for your comment :slight_smile:


Hey hey Love your dragon Nomad!
Maybe some more secondary colors on his skin, like some browns and bleus could be cool.Just a thought ofcourse.
Great work!
!Keep m coming


Thx OKMER for your comment :slight_smile: yes the colors will have more different tones. I just started to gather refs of reptile skins…


I hate scales, I painted tham all the day :wink:

Anyway here are tworenderings, one with displacment and one to show the map. Colouring coming soon :slight_smile: