Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


Ok let`s take that as a start of the nest rock… I wanted to see how this works with a back light.


Hey Maciej, that crystals looks great!! nice work man!:thumbsup: , perhaps some variations on green ( one on darker green, others lighter…) only a comment :slight_smile: Again great work!! and looking forward for more updates!


Ferx - thanks :slight_smile: I agree that it must be some color variations, I will certainly put a color noise map on all the crystals :arteest: this will help…


Ok because everybody says the rock doesnt look like rock I made some changes. I think this look interesting now... Also I added the nest which I have to improve by placing some branches here and there. And I changed a little the point of view. Im not sure if the crystals are not too big but let`s see when the dragon will be ready.

C&C welcomed.


This starts taking shape…


A colour study which looks less digital and much more painting like.


I started some more detailed dragon. My knowledge of anatomy is same as my chinese (equal to zero) so any help is warmly welcome.


Next tweaks, I think it`s better now but I still need feedback on overall.


Hey Maciej,

First, really great neast, rocks and crystals, i liked a lot !!:thumbsup:

About dragon, for me the last model looks nice (perhaps a bit longer neck, only a comment :slight_smile: ) Again great work mate !! :beer:


Hey those rock and crystals are looking great! the latest one has very nice lighting… though i was reading your thread, and thought it’d be so much fun to see some lemmings here! they’re like an old friend hahahahaha

but anyway good luck!


Ferx - thx for the comment :slight_smile: yes the dragon will have a looong neck :scream:

Jeffparadox - thank you, sorry no lemmings here… I finally choosed for the dragon only idea which will be I hope more original and odd :smiley:


A background study, let me know which one fits best.


Just a quick step by step on how I modeled the background. As I`m probably the last man on earth which is not using zbrush :wink: I did all with the sculpt fucion in modo. In step 2 I made a simple twirl on Y axis to get this mountains twisted look :slight_smile:


Next try on the background… I will work on the rocks color to not make this “flesh” tones… I will go more in greys probably…


great atmosphere loving it. It has a style to it! Keep up the good work!


This is such a nice landscape! Looking very moody and ailen, that’s a fast start, can’t wait to see how the final lighting will look like…


This is looking great, Maciej! The texturing is really beautiful - all that noise on the rocks and the glassiness of the crystals are fantastic. Can’t wait to see how it looks with the dragon in it! Hope he won’t be too noisy - it will be nice to have him pop against the background and not get lost. anyhow, guess we’ll see… Good luck!


Just added a fog… I`m thinking to make it higher and cloudy.


Artisan-Hawks - thank you :slight_smile:

Jeffparadox - thx, I`m not seeing how to improve more the lighting :shrug: any ideas? As I want to keep an illustrated look more than photoreal the image will have certainly a flat apperence… but I hope to improve that with contrasts.

walrus - thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: glad you like the textures. I will make the dragon enough contrasted to pop up from the image :arteest: I`m thinking to make it in orange tones… still not sure if it not have to be green because he probably eats the crystals hahah


Well… meet Draco the psychotic dragon :wink: I`m not sure if the brown colouring is placed right, especially under the head. Probably the green skin color should fit well in the scene. A green/orange palette will work well I think.