Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: congratulations! :applause: love the dragon’s expression a lot! :love: great details too! :stuck_out_tongue: good luck with the judging my friend! :thumbsup:


Hey Maciej, really great work mate!! i love the expression of Spike, cool! The whole atmosphere of the image puts a really great “dragon´s land” touch. The texture for the Spike´s wings is amazing!! A wonderful and funny concept, great!! I like a lot. For sure Spike is a odd dragon, but really charming.:slight_smile:

Congratulations Maciej for this great art work!! and good luck mate!! … and now is time for a really well deserved cold beers with some tequila shots! :smiley: Cheers my friend!! :beer:


I have decided to work on the backgro8und in those last contest days. Need comments if this is better or not than the previous one. Thx.


AxelAlonso - thanks alot for the warm words :slight_smile:

nwiz25 - thank you :bounce:

Ferx - thank you for your kind words. Tequila? Well here we dring vodka caus` the weather is cold :deal:


A quick update, maybe it`s good to keep the old mountain on the background no?


Yes please :slight_smile: keep the old mountain, MUCH BETTER!!


There is something about the midground mountains that disturbs me. It is so far removed from the foreground object, and yet it is so close to us. In my opinion the middle ground is too close, it doesn’t seem to fit the scene at all. Try pushing it back some more and try to get back some of that feel before you added the mid mountains. I certainly see how much difference it makes adding a mid mountain, but right now it’s too much in our face and seems more like an after thought cut and paste. Just make it integrate a lot more. You have something great here, just a little more! :thumbsup:


Hiun - well I thought it looks empty but now it`s too much… difficult to create something which will work with this scene. Maybe keepeing the old mountain will be the best choice :shrug:


I like the old better adds better space and shape to the composition! Maybe :rolleyes: I miss some crystals in the back, to wrap it from a different approach! Only a suggestion! Looks great already!:slight_smile:


Yes the “old” mountains have more of that Rodney Matthews look, which is great that you captured that look in 3D. A lot of Matthews’ dragons tend to have long thin faces, not that I know all if his work, but you appear to be going for a more humorous expression via a fuller face. Best of luck


Hello my friend, I have to agree with the rest in that the old mountains where much better. :smiley: Dont get the pre-judging jitters and start changing to many things. What you had before was good and worked well! :thumbsup:


haha your image is great! I don´t know why but it reminded me to that game of Super Nintendo, donkey kong country, lol

Good luck to you!!


AxelAlonso - thx, this helps, maybe I`ll put a secondrock with crystals in pre-background and leave the old mountains :curious:

Korendo - thx, yes I don`t want copying Rodney, just inspiring from his style.

Artisan-Hawks - thanks my friend, youre right, Ill keep the old mountains.

gG - thx, no idea why it reminds you donkey kong :smiley:


haha I don´t know…maybe the texture or something reminded to a character of the game,:smiley:



gG - Show a game screen one day, I`m curious to see the similarities :smiley:


No, the thing´s no similarity between your work and that game,haha. Only in my mind:D The light and textures of your image made a flashback to myself when I played with that videogame.

And that´s all =)

All right, I´ll take the pill:D


Lol!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


In the land of Dordor are living many creatures, there are elves, dwarves and dragons. Some are dangerous, some are ferocious and some are… odd. One of them called Spike (we dont know who could have had a pet dragon, almost humans which approched dragons just died) gathers in his nest clocks from all the region. We dont know for what obscure reason he have this strage behaviour. Maybe clocks makes a sound he likes, maybe he thinks it`s eggs?

Thanks everybody for help, support and feedback.
This image is a tribute to one of my favourites illustrators: Rodney Matthews.

Tech info: modeling, texturing and rendering done in Luxology modo, final colors and retouch done in Adobe Photoshop.

[this is a repost, I tryed few variations and went back to the final TIF I upload few days ago]


Hey, glad to see those mountians are back :thumbsup: I was just looking at your image and I have an idea, What if in the background beyound the mountians there was a planet, sort of like something you would see off of the film “Pitch Black”. I think it would add depth and mystic. :surprised


Artisan-Hawks - Thx my friend, your idea is great but its verry late to start adding a planet now. Ill try and see if it looks ok, if it looks crappy I`ll leave the image like it is now.