Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Maciej Frolow


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Latest Update: Final Image: Dragon`s strange behaviour


Cool theme… I`m waiting for the verry broad range of subjects here… I need to find one for me heh…

Good luck to all!


I knew you will be here :twisted: good luck, and can’t wait to see your unique organic mecha modeling in some funny rubbits’ suits :bounce: or whatever :bounce:


Yesssai!Indeed great to see you’re in!Have fun man!


arturro, OKMER thx alot. I hope to find a cool idea soon and make a nice image at the end :slight_smile:


Well let`s start with those two ideas, let me know what you think about them. Thx.

  1. Lemings, alot of lemings jumping in a canyon. Not verry original but I think the strenght of the image will be the number of this creatures dying for nothing. Litteraly a flow of small creatures jupming from high rocks.
  2. An alien in a super futuristic starship plays alone chess on a traditional chessboard made of marble. A strange behaviour for a person surrounded by high technology.


Lemings, Lemings, Lemings, millions of Lemings :slight_smile:
Just have fun here! But as I know you like high tech robotic modelling, you may go into such design! I mean mechanic Lemings who with joy and madness jump from some platform or whatever. With a bit of cartoony design, it may look funny.
good luck!


Thanks to stopping here Artur, I dont think I will make those Lemmings as robots, its more interesting to make them as small furry creatures in a great environment with rocks of stranges shapes. Some kind of monument valley, maybe with old statues… something to have fun and make a nice matte paint :slight_smile:


Ok its time to start something here... Im thinking about a fantasy surreal scene: a path made of strange rocks with maybe crystals sometimes placed here and there and snails building something. A behaviour more adapted to termites or ants…

Any comments? I`ll post a sketch soon.


Ok lets start with an idea... First I want to make this as a tribute to one of my favourite fantasy illustrators: Rodney Matthews. The concept is based on his image "dragon colony" but I think I will make it evolving. The story: a dragon in his nest is looking at clocks. Is he thinking its eggs? how the clocks arrived here? maybe because clocks make “tic tac” he thinks they are alive inside… its certainly a strange dragons behaviour :slight_smile:


Hey nomad, you know between the two ideas I like the lemmings. But which ever you choose I am sure it will be good! :slight_smile:


Thx friend, I still not choosed between lemings and dragons lol but I will start with the environnemnt, something really surreal, upsidedown etc. And after I will have to make a decison of what I have to put there :slight_smile:


Then let`s start with the dragon idea, here is my first 3d rough shape of it. I will try to make it funny with an interogative face expression trying to say “what those clocks makes in my nest?”


Some study for the environment, not sure yet about the rocks… probably I will change that to something more interesting.

Any comments are welcome.


Some study for the environment, not sure yet about the rocks… probably I will change that to something more interesting.

Any comments are welcome.


Now all is better :slight_smile: I have only to find a way to put some “soul” in those crystals… maybe procedural noise in transparency? Any ideas?

Its hard to simulate that "matter depth" without boosting too much rendertimes and geometry :( I need to devlopp a trick to have a nice mapping on the obect which will simulate this aspect. The most importent is to have it enough varing to not see its the same crystal duplicted.


YAp nice man!Maybe some more little cristals popping out of the rocks arouns the big ones…Just suggesting.Keep m coming.Cheers!


OKMER - thanks alot for your comment, yes it`s not the final image, just a study of rendering all this.

Crystals last update before moving to the landscape shape. Comments are welcome :slight_smile:


hey, bro! Crystal texture is great! I wouldnt change that. THe rocks though still seem unreal to me. Perhaps make it a combination of rocks and dirt. and then a greenish shadow from the crystals. Keep it up its looking good! :thumbsup:


Artisan-Hawks - Hey buddy, I know, my fault, naming that rocks was wrong, it is a sort of melted lava :smiley: