Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Lennart Verhoeff


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Hey everyone, my first post ever over here, so why not enter the contest at the same time. :slight_smile: You’re all an inspiration to me, and I’ll do my darndest best to try and keep up.

Here’s my my idea. The dark beast himself rises from the lake of fire as to offer his beloved wife (an angel) a small gift. But she is not interested at all. Probably because he’s been working late most of the time, or he might have been cheating on her, I don’t know. In this image I tried to convey the general atmosphere and sense of scale en depth.


Hey! Good to see the great Lenn-art is joining us as well!

Can’t wait to see the final result! Good luck!


Hey, it’s the fantastic Michel, what’s up, you’re joining too? Looking forward to your entry and good luck as well!!


angel rough lining plus some coloring and getting her “i’m not interested, whatever” face right.


detail of facial expression


the idea is great. I like the great contrast between the good and the evil and the chain that holds them together. My observetion- as a beginner and a person who first posted something here- is that the angel should be more sensitive, more feminine. The look on her face expresses exactly what you wanted to show with your picture.
just keep it koming like this. The colors, the shadows and the differences between big and small are perfect. Even though the monster has no human characteristics, the happines on its face is visible. I sincerely like it. I would give the angel a more fragile look. Please do not take this as a negative message. I meant no harm with it. I wish you good luck and great ideas and inspiration


Thanks for your comment, don’t be afraid to say what you think, it’s only useful! I think I know what you mean with the angel, she maybe looks a bit too masculine and tough so I’ll have to look into that while remaining her facial expression. Thanks again!


hey y’all. Tried some new things with posture and expression of the angel as well as some different techniques as opposed to trying (and failing) at being very realistic.


another take on the angel, but the graphic designer in me took over :smiley: Anyway, I think I have what I want style and expressionwise, so it’s time for some refinement.


Hey Lennart, really cool idea!! i like a lot :thumbsup: I think the experssion of the blond angel is great, i can read her thoughts ( “… yes, yes… surely you were working until behind schedule… ha ha …to another dog with that bone (hahahha a mexican expression, sorry :D)” … :D. Your other designs are nice, but think the expression is lost a bit, only a comment :slight_smile: Again nice work and cool idea!!


Thank you very much! I know what you mean expressionwise but I’m still trying to catch the magic combination of body language and facial expression, so in my latter two designs the facial expression is indeed a bit lost. As soon as I get the posture right I will put more detail in the face as well. Thanks again!


Looking sharp buddy, I like your new take on the angel, can’t wait to see where this goes.


thank you thank you! Now get your sorry *ss to yer sketchbook and start posting! :smiley:


Another update! I took a little spin on my latest angel design, refined her a little, worked on her expression and gave her back a bit of dress. She’s even smoking now, for the added: “duh, you’re not tempting me you prince of darkness”


this is looking much better PT! You go girl! BTW she isn’t smokng is she? I think with all these kids here at the forum you should be careful with this! It’s bad for your health and you wouldn’t set a bad example now would ya?
otherwise i love the idea!


Thank you very much! And of course thanks for your advice! I (and you as well) know smoking is a bad habit but it’s for the sake of art in this case, so to hell with that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait to see your next update as well!


I decided to gave the angel some rest and do some work on the ‘devil’. I want it to be a gigantic, gargantuan, giger-ish, lovecraftian behemoth of a devil which just reeks of pure evil apart from presenting the gift, so I have a lot of work to do :stuck_out_tongue:


Well here it is then. It’s the best I could do due to timeconstraints and probably lack of skill I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
As I stated with my first concept sketch: The dark beast himself rises from the lake of fire to offer his beloved wife/mistress (who knows) who is an angel a gift. But she will have none of it. She looks bored, almost roll-eyeing him for an unknown reason. Has he been cheating? Has he been working late again? Is it lack of attention which he tries to cover up with something as materialistic as a gift?
Pretty much normal behaviour for mere mortals, but quite unusual for astral beings as these?


Nice cheeky idea! The fiery pit looks great too :slight_smile: