Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Laurent Mordin


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Hi everybody, i’m glad to participate at this new challenge


First idea, perhaps the good idea


Haha! I like it!
And the fact that only one head is camouflaged makes it even better… that way everybody is confused =)

Keep it up =)


It’s a very funny idea, but you might want to be careful when using trademarked/copyrighted characters like this. Especially a Disney character.


Yed, this is the firt work on colorize. I change mickey for a pig of my inspiration for the copyright


I laughed when I saw this idea it’s very cute, good start.

However, there’s something thats bothering me a little bit. The mask right now doesn’t actually look like it actaully belongs where it is. Like, where’s the rest of the dragon’s muzzle you know? I think it’s lacking some kind of depth somewhere, I’m not exactly sure where though. But if the strings are held on by his crown which is farther behind his cranium it would seem it would be extremely hard for him to keep it on that way.

Although currently I have no ideas in any ways you could possibly fix this. BUt do you know what I’m saying? Your extremely talented I could tell, maybe it’d be good for you to go through and do some concepts of some more possibilities? Maybe change the Dragon’s head so its looking at a 3/4 angle, and we would see most of the mask, but we could also see how it fits over the face.

F\great start though, definitely.


Coyox, thank you for your comments, i undestand that you want tell me, but at the moment, I do not see how resolve the problem, it is not possible to put of the depth between the head and the mask because they are too close l one of the other one. To change the axis of the head to see the profile would risk to change the effect but I am going to try to find a solution for resolve of it


Hey Laurent very nice and original idea. I agree with coyox, and I hope you can found a good solution :thumbsup: because your idea is worth :slight_smile: Perhaps one of the hero party members will be turned to the camera and laughing (maybe the girl… ) Only a comment. Good Luck! and looking forward for more updates


firs look at the pig face dragon, i had a good laugh!
Be carefull with the dragons hand with the … hand stick, its really not clear in the picture.
Also give your dragons a more dynamic pose with the necks (an attacking pose maybe?), this will also help u to break the alingment in the center of the image. I’d suggest to stretch the image verticaly and bring ur dragon up! make him bigger :slight_smile:
The ambiance looks good :slight_smile:
good luck!


Great middle dragon head!!!:applause: i can hear him thinking:“what the hell is wrong with you?” about the piggy one!!!

Good laff, Thanks a lot!!


Thank for comments guys
I am going to change the lance of the warrior of the middle so that there n is more confusion with the hand of the dragon, I do not think that I am going to return l vertical image, I had tried to make it but the background meets itself amputated. On the other hand, it is possible that i make the dragon ore large


J worked on the background and especially on mountain where I refined


Hi Laurent, great idea but like some people mentioned overal is little bit confusing. Few suggestions.

Color - overal it looks nice but looks saturated, if you would change the color to the sky you would create depth to the image plus contrast, Maybe hint of dark blue.

Composition - Also all of your key components in the composition are smack in the middle. Experimen. Also adjusting vanishing point the the left or right even little bit lower might make it more interesting

Light Source - seems fine but dull, maybe adding another light source from underneath the dragon from lava giving it nice red glow would seperate dragon from the MG. Also that would give nice shadows to play with on dragons faces to give more character.

Atmosphere - Little fog or rain would add to the depth and story.

Detail - make sure the amount of detail is given in the right place, FB gets the most BG the least. Right now it looks like all the pieces were cut and past, detail is one cause of it. But since this is not your final piece it’s ok.

Background, Middle and Foreground - Each should have something unique yet suttle for all to blend in.
BG - mountains are too uniform give it some variety, maybe another castle far into bg for scale. Sky looks nicely rendered but empty, have some shadows of dragons fly in the clouds to make it more lively but not to crowded.
MG - The mountain, casltle and the dragon looks great , but the castle might be little bit too high, Due to your triangular composition the eye is being led to the middle and then up to the end of frame, If you lower the castle position it might work little bit better, experiment.
FG - I know you haven’t spent too much time on it so there’s not much to comment. Just remember each piece tells a story.

Dragons - Again tell a story by giving each head different personality in a suttle way. The one on the right thinks that those slayers are a joke so he puts on a little piggy mask to mack them. The head on the left finds it hella funny and craks up. The head in the middle is a sirious one and looks at the one on the right with disapointing look. The stick that he is holding is unnesesary trash it, makes everyone confused. make it it looks like the dragons just came back from disney land, it doesn’t fit into the story.

Slayers - Again story, they came a long way and they are all pumped up to kill this dragon, the last thing they want is for the dragon to mack them. Have one of them wave his fist in anger, the guy on the left threw his weapons down and walks towards us while throwing his hands up in the air, his giving up. the other two can argue between each other on what to do now.

I tnink this is it. Like i said good image great idea, now just make it a great image.
I hope this is help full, keep it up.
Derek T.


Guero, thank you for your constructive comments

Concerning the color of the sky, I made tries but the current color was made to stick with the rest of environnement, if I change the color of the sky, in blue for example, I have to give a blue atmosphere onto all the rest.

For the fact of placing of the lava in the abyss of or takes out the dragon, I had thought has this idea to add a light source

Concerning detail, as you have him say, I did not finish, so, the details of the foreground are not refined yet
For the fog, i had intention to add it.

Concerning character, I believe that you are right and I go can be to change one it and to make it leave in front of us as if he was not satisfied


work on the castle


I refined the slayer with a big stomach, and that with the lance. I changed the position so that there is mo confusion with the hand of the dragon, and a begin to texturate the ground in the forground


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