Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


Thank you guys! So the countdown has started! 5 more days!

Here’s an update on the mother and her son…Right now I’m working on finishing the cars…


Oh wow wow wow :bounce:, such lovely soft colours! (<-hope that crit was useful :smiley: )


Ok…u are one of the best 2d artist here around… and this challenge confirm it 100%…


Kicking ass Kei! It’s looking really nice. better start painting all those cars soon!!


This is looking really nice, Kei! The details in the water and all around the picture are really bringing it to life. I’m sure the cars are an awful lot of work, but I have no doubt they’ll really help make the peice as well. I also love the subtle play of light through the membranes on their fins - very subtle and effective!

In the coloring process, the mother’s mouth has lost the clarity that it had in the earlier sketch. It’s a lot harder now to make out the expression because the skin is as dark as the line for the mouth, and the bright teeth grab all the attention on the screen-left side of the face. Taking down the teeth a bit and pumping up the hilights and dark line fo the motuh could help a bit… Good luck with it!


Hey Kei, simply awesome !! I love the great expressions of the baby and the mom!! ( you captured an essential part of the bath of any baby, washing the ears … :smiley: )


You really have a beautifully soft feeling from this painting. I can’t wait to see this finished!


wow Key please Keep that pace… I really want to see this done…

Hey you got to tell later me how you get that icredibly soft, kind of surreal light… (like Mark Riden’s and stuff) I just dont understand what you have to do to make it look like that…:D:D

Have fun.


Hi Kei! They are all so nice characters. The idea, colors, details are all stunning.
I’m sure the final will be gorgeous! Cheers!


Hi Kei, :wavey:

Love the colors and moods in them , the Mom’s expression its so cute! like it should, the baby has all that energy that drives from a simple cute art to a moment full of life…looking so amazing everything! :surprised:thumbsup:


Looking super awesome and lovable Kei! Now let’s see an update soon!


Wow! really nice soft colors :thumbsup:
Hope to see the final version soon :wink:


Exceptional. The first ever depiction of parental dragon bathing of offspring, a behavior scientists long debated. The current investigation is on where the large wash sponge and soap came from. The trail is leading to Giant Food. :slight_smile:

Love your style and the feel you capture. All the best,


Thank you so much everyone…

walrus- thanks for pointing that out!..I’ve made some changes for the final one.
SteevieWoo- Thanks so much! I’d be happy to share some techniques with you after.

Korendo-- Bwahahahaha! That’s real funny! Thank you!


Almost finished! I’m working on tightening up the bg and some elements…I’ll post up some detail shots soon!


Haha, see you’re sprinting at the end to get there Kei!And you’re totaly right as your pic is just amazing and there so much story in there!I’ll proberly give a try to the end sprint too and I’ll stop sleeping from now on, till then,haha.
Agree for the lovely soft and painterly feeling in there, just great!Hope you’ll make it…no, in fact, you gotta make it!!Good luck!


You have a lot of cars here :eek:
i think i can’t paint ONE ^^

Gorgeus work
i’m waiting to see it’s done


Hi Kei. I really like this painting of yours. But one thing cought my eyes… theres no people on the bridge. I mean it would be a lot of fun to see scared people running to escape the danger. Just a thought … again very strong demonstration of skill here… keep it up


OKMER- Thank you!! Yes you can finish!

laurentino- You can deffinately do it too–never tell yourself you can’t :wink:

overcontrast- thanks for the suggestion… Yes there were people in the drawing and I’m still planning on doing them, I just wanted to show the cars first :slight_smile:


Great stuff!! This one has a really nice visual story - bravo!