Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


i love the idea… waiting to see it with colors & volume


HII! Kei :wavey:

;)Love the Momy with her baby in the normal size bath tub! :rolleyes:right? Great great mood and characters! Really loveing all your ideas , they always bring up a smile in my face and I am sure will look so much fun and pretty! :arteest: Great Sketch and value in the composition from me!:thumbsup:

just rush up a bit 15 days left waaah! hahaha sure you can do it in less though!:surprised


Great composition and super cute idea!!!CAn’t wait to see all those surprised people on the bridge,haha!!!Love it!


Lovely sketch, Kei! Their expressions are priceless. And I love how you’ve set up the foreground bridge to frame to frame the composition. Are the cars supposed to be moving or crashed or just stopped? Depending on which, it might be a nice small touch to add a throng of people by the railing looking out at the sea-“monsters,” pointing, with cameras, etcetera (along with some car doors open and such.) But of course, it’s a small detail, and it’s not like you don’t have enough of those to cover in the next 2 weeks! :wink:
Anyhow, good luck pulling it together quickly… Have fun!


Hi Kei

i had seen this drawing in your blog and i just loved it. :bounce:
It’s fantastic.
very funny idea.

wish U luck


Oh that is so cute! I saw the dragon character sheet you did to and it looks great! I can’t wait to see this colored!


havent seen your thread yet but its great that you`re with us
really great idea, and as walrus already said the facial expresiions are priceless
I guess the people on the crashed ships are sinking down with an “aw how cute”-smile on their faces^^


Really liked your new idea! Very cute and charming!I would like to see this finished!


Hey Kei, that its a reall great sketch, I love it!! :thumbsup: Great concept and I cant wait to see the final image on your idea!! Cheers mate! :beer:


Hi Kei, that’s so nice to see you here again!
Can’t wait to see your wonderful progress for this new hilarious concept!
By the way after both of Bobby and your dragon concepts may be we could
have a chance to get a new sketch book based on dragons after this great
contest. Best wishes! Cheers!


Nice stetch Kei, The idea is funny :slight_smile:
I hope to see more soon because I really like your style.
Good luck :thumbsup:


Kei, you are really brave to change the idea so late!
But it’s worth it! :thumbsup:
I hope you will be able to finish it!
Looking forward!


Thank you so much everyone for all the encouraging words! --it really means a lot…although it is a bit scary thinking how much time I have for this (and in between other work–EEeep!)–I’m glad to say I’m having fun with this piece.

Here are the first hints of color–which will be brightened up and defined more in my next post.


I can only describe: CUTEE!
I really love the idea…and you can express the bathing scene very well…

I thought the color will be more colorfull than this, anyway if you aim for realistic style, that’s no problem.
Look forward the result :slight_smile:



Hey Kei, really cool!! I like the colours!! And you are working fast !! goooo Kei!!! :smiley: Cheers mate!! (and perhaps the short time to finish it can be an advantage… I see that you are painting with feeling , and this is great!! :slight_smile: ) :beer:


This is awesome!
The idea is beautiful.
You’ve got plenty of time:P


Hi Kei, love the colors and soo waiting to see all finished wow!! :smiley: :eek:Really love your ideas in color and in pencil!


Lovely piece, your new one, it’s just so cute! I’m although slightly more fond of the first one, if I may say so, maybe because of the circus stuff going on. On the other hand, the familiar scene with the dragon mum suits better the challenge theme… but the circus… Haha, going in circles here! Any one of them looks terrific! And your sketches are superb! Looking forward to seeing it finished…:thumbsup:


Lovely direction with this new concept. I think it reads better than the previous one. And knowing ur great artistic skills I see another top image in this challenge. I’ll enjoy watching the process :slight_smile:


I love the feel of your work… looks truly amazing and the expression on the mother is priceless… keep up the good work Kei