Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


Ringmaster, whip me! … Plea-he-hese!! :cry:

she’s hot.


Wooow =)
This is going to be so nice!

I like the dinamics in the composition. It is going to look very intense with all the sweet characters in it.

I’ll definitely chek in again.

Keep it up =)


[left]those sketches are so damn good & full of character!
lovely color sketch.



Hey Kei… the ringmaster is looking wonderful… i especially love the one on the lower right because it reminds me of 50s pinup girls posters… very very good work… keep it up


Wow, that pretty incredible, your girl and dragon look awesome!! There are a lot of great work here, but I really love the style you gave to your character! Really nice, nothing yet to critic, cant wait to see whats next!


Kei! :scream:I love that girl! I want more that ever now! to go see that show you are cooking with so much anticipation! It will look great! I love the hat with feathers an all that jazz! And maybe the hair more Marlin Monroe! But sure looks great! Hope the summer (not that you need summer) will keep adding sunshine to that imagination! Take care!:slight_smile:


very nice roughs!


Coming along very nicely Kei!


wow kei

this looks nice
love your dragon sketches
can’t wait to see more
good luck


Hi Kei, I’m rubberneck to your progress.
Hope to see new uploads soon. Your works and their progress’ are un put downable.


Hi Kei,

My favorite ringmaster is the one you choose to colour test - in the middle beside the colour thumbnail.
She is a great “look at me” personality, reflected in the pose. She is the star of the show and in charge of everything! Like her dynamic pose, that chin-up and hips-forward attitude.

Wonderful! :love:


Hi everyone! I know its a little late in the game but I had a change of heart–I just had this new idea that I couldn’t help but paint it right away. I’ll still finish the strange circus piece–but I’ve settled to finish this new piece for the challenge… So I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:



Love the idea!
wooow I did not know you are participating too.
you are one of my favorite artists!!!

good luck


I love the idea and the composition! Great job Kei


Brilliant!..go for goal with this one kei!:bounce: …its endearing, cute and of course strange…can’t wait to see more!



Wonderful line art and concept.


this is lookin great! i think this nails the “strange behavior” idea right on. can’t wait to see how it ends up…


I love this story here!
It’s always interesting to see everyone elaboration on the subject.
Your idea works on many levels of the theme and has great opportunity for great colors.
Keep it up Kei!


LOL nice concept. Looking forward to your updates.


Well I feel a bit heartbroken because I liked the ringmasters so bad! But this new one looks like a lot of fun, and if you finish it in time (which I really hope). that will be just Great!

GO KEI GO!! I’m really pleased that you’re back…