Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


I didn’t know you were in the challenge. That’s great. I like the dragon. Good luck.


Ohh great great sketches. I love the dragon’s one !


Love the expressive dragon sketches. Cartoony, goofy eyes for me. :smiley:


hehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ur dragon sketches are simply sensational! filled with emotion and humour! :bounce::love: love to c where u goin with em … they are soooooooooooooooo cute! :love:

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :applause::applause::applause:


I Love your style Kei :love:.
Good luck for this challenge !


Oooohhh… you ooze of well-oiled hand and happy mind!
I want to go fire my client and get where you are!


Lovely characterisation Kei. I’m expecting whatever you caome up with to be absolutley brimming with life, and I know I won’t be disappointed. Anticipation - wonderful.


Wow! This dragon is fantastic! Very pretty character and painting!



Hi Kei,

    This is really WOW !!! Very Impresive sketching talent you have and the color renders are also something to admire!:scream: Dragons in their most LOONEY mood !

    Cant wait to see them in the composition!:buttrock:



I always love your works and that will be superb.

Great style as always. :slight_smile:



cool sketches!


Hey Kei, lovely sketches, am really looking forward to seeing this one finished :scream:

I like the dragon near the centre of the page, the one with the protruding lower jaw; it’s a breath of fresha air from all the regular dragons that have the upper jaw forward.

Good luck :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Hi Kei,

Being at the same challenge with you and Bobby is cheerful after following the imaginismstudios and you in high spirits.
The concept that you based on dragons is full of quality and fun as usual as your other concepts. Dragon is one of the
best creature for designing in different ways. And your sketches show how imaginative as possible as it could be.
Following your thread will be cheerful!

Good luck, Cheers!


Wow theyre just beautiful sketches! Cant wait to see and learn more!


Such beautiful work on this thread.


Lets see an update Kei!!


good thread…I like you sketches


Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve just been very busy with work and travel :stuck_out_tongue: Here are some of my ringmaster sketches, I’ll post up my little circus creatures soon. I’m just about to step out again to catch a flight, I promise I’ll reply to the comments as soon as I land and get a hold of the internet!

I really appreciate all your comments! tty soon!



yeah! you’re back! Wonderful sketches again! I need to go on with my entry ^^;
I’m so slow at the moment…


Hey Kei, I´m really impressed !! wow !! I love this sketch :love: The girl in the bottom right corner, what an eyes, great expression, beuty !! :thumbsup: Again great work !!! and cant wait for more updates :slight_smile: