Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


the idea is great and the expression on the bottom right dragon is just priceless… really love it…

have fun,


Wao, very aliving creatures on your paper, what a nice talent to have so aliving sketch.
Colors are great too. How many time it takes you to draw ( only on paper sketch ) this around 20 creatures ?
Impressive work.


How about cartoony serpent-like beady eyes :slight_smile:

Great sketches, love em all, heh, I know that’s not much help…
except the dragon with those sunglasses look like a middle aged man…



woohoo great sketches there kei!


These dragon sketches are impressive. Seeing these, makes me anxious of what you’ll do when you really start coloring to the final… Great work so far…


Wonderful work…beautiful character in the art…congratulations.



wow, those dragons sketches are amazing…!!! bastard…


That dragon is going to have different heads with different personalities and emotions, isn’t it?
Great dragon research :thumbsup:


Brilliant work Kei. Absolutely fantastic character designs!!


WOW!! Your sketches are really awesome!! The dragon funny expressions are fantastic. Excellent work, I can’t wait to see more.


Oh - I like these sketches!



Nice ones, I would vote for the cartoon eyes, you can play with expression better this way I think.


now to see what you are going to do with these!


Great sketches! I think the cartoony eyes match ur style of painiting, they’re really looking pretty awesome… too good… grrr


Hi Kei,

   I love them like everyone else :arteest:

…I like the serpent ones, just because its more strange that for me, he looks more creature like
and he’s doing that “Cirque du Soleil” show, so it’s a bit less unexpected for his features
but both are awesomely fantastic!:thumbsup:
I love that Cirque to; I still want to see the “O” show in Las Vegas, coz when I went they were sold out :sad: … and love the music, one of my friends sing in “Mystere” she’s so talented! Like you
looking forward for more updates Kei! Excellent work:applause:


Haha! The Dragonconcepts are so great! Some much character and emotion there!


Tis entry is just brilliant, composition sketches were nice but now this dragon concepts are giving me some ideas of the final piece. Very promising development here, I cant wait to see the creature finished with multiple expressions. imho on the two rendered the one in the rights looks better. I got nothing but good words for you now, wish I can be more constructive on this entry but is early stage. Looking forward for your updates


Steevie woo- Yes that funny little weird guy is after my skinny pig–he looks like that when I’m in the kitchen getting his celery–its like crack to him LOL…

Ramitxon- aww thanks!! but I am no master :stuck_out_tongue:

icedeyes- Thanks so much! yeah he’s the scardy-cat out of the bunch

Deevad- Thanks David! This page probably took around 40 mins-1 hr…I really couldnt tell how long really especially when ideas keep coming up and I just have to sketch them out really fast to get the next ones down and I wanna make slight changes and such…time really doesnt matter, just as long as you 're able to put down on paper what you really have in mind.

Art2- lol thanks for the input! Yeah I’ll try to paint a beady-eye version to really see the difference :wink:

Goro- Thanks so much!! yours are fantastic!

MVDB- thank you! I’m very anxious to do my final…

paulwdavidson- thanks Paul glad you like it!

fellah- LOL thanks!

musi- Thank you! yeas, he will have 4 different presonalities :slight_smile:

digital-bobert- Thank you Bobby!! Yours are priceless…

Nigio- thanks!! Yeah I’ll post up more character studies for the other characters as soon as I get free time :stuck_out_tongue:

Gord-MacDonald- Thank you!

Nemesix- thanks! yeah that’s very true…


kingjai- Thanks a lot! Lol I make you grrr?

AxelAlonso- Yeah I like the beady eyes too coz they make him look very creature-like and cute…I guess I’ll see it more when I paint the beady-eyed version…That’s so awesome your friend is in “Mystere” !! Wow she must be really good…Thanks so much for your kind words :slight_smile:

Essen- Thank you!

ReinaldoRomero- Thanks a lot! Yeah I like the look of the one on the right too–his face is a lot funnier…I’ll post my updates soon!


[left]Huau! great ideia! and your drawing so brilliant!


I’m downright jealous of your sketching talents! Where did you learn to do dragons so well??

We need an update. My favorite dragon head so far is the really evil one right above the left hand painted one, the apologetic looking one and the large chinned one at the top. They all have such great expressions. :applause: And you did earn an ‘awwww’ with the one at the far left, the cute little one with the little black eyes.

Just had an idea- you could have your main dragon as a mother dragon and a tiny little three headed dragon behind her learning the tricks of the trade. :smiley: