Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


I like your ideas and your color election is a nice one. I’m sure you’re going to make a great piece! I’m anxious to see it! :slight_smile:


nice colours… still dont quite undrstand the idea… a circus with a fire dragon going through a fiery hoop? just a crcus you expect to see strnge things is all, so mayb not too strange. but from the thumbnail i dont know if there is more to it


Lovely color swatches Kei!


Hey Kei,

Very interesting idea, and nice sketches!

Well, this is one more thread to follow for me and learn. And following Tiziano’s advice, I am taking cover :smiley:


Very nice…looking forward to seeing the next stage.



chrisbeaver- Thanks! i can see what you’re saying about the Godzilla movies…hahaha

fulcrum919- your welcome and thank you too!

AxelAlonso- Glad you liked the right one too…Yes I feel the warmer touch is deffinately more me…and I’ll try to post more soon!

fellah- aw, thanks so much! Yeah I love night moods too…and I wanted to try a different look and a warmer color scheme but still have that night- ish feel to it. So I hope this works out :slight_smile:

Ramitxon-hehehe I love funny looking dragons, thanks!

Nemesix-thank you!! Glad you like it!

W-I-L- Lol thats ok, Yes there will be more details to it, this is just a thubmail sketch to focuse on color.

digital-bobert- Thank you Bobby!!


musi- thanks a lot! but you dont have to take cover LOL

paulwdavidson- thank you Paul, and likewise!


so far this is off to a great start, i wish i’d thought of doing a weird circus now:-)


great idea and already trully nice sketches. Although I think u choose the right color scheme, I would add some of that blue on top of the tent, right above a top… to enrich the whole image and as well make a deeper illusion of a space. keep posting and good luck :slight_smile:


Great choice for coloring. Let’s see the design of the beast now :slight_smile: I’m curious how fun and cute he will be.
Good job, your way to manage your challenge with thumbnails is wise and inspiring me for my next jobs. Thanks


very strange and a funny concept.nice camera angle .the third ones really looks very appealing color wise.Best of luck for the challenge:cool:


Hi Kei, colors are amaizing, idea also, what abig canvas ?


Nice to see you’re in.Like your work a lot!Nice sketches & nice idea!

(not so original as reply, but hey…:smiley:
Good luck and lots of fun!!!


Vitreous- Thank you!!

NinjaA55N- glad you liked them and thanks for the suggestion! good luck to you too!

DeeVad- Thanks David! I’ll be posting my character sstudies next so keep an eye :wink:

CUBISIS- glad you found it funny–best of luck to you too on this challenge.

tinysabya- Yes a big canvas is a great idea!..I’m actually planning to put a bunch more stuff in the bg and a little in the foreground as well.

OKMER- LOL Thanks so much, trully appreciated.




Wonderful Kei. I was browsing to see if anyone had submitted a circus-related concept, and I found yours. The colors and compostion are just lovely. The third one would also be my choice. Hope to see more. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Agostinuke- thanksosmuch :slight_smile:

ekah- Thank you!I l’m a huge Cirque du Soleil fan so I just had to do a circus theme!


These are some studies of the star of the show! Still debating on whether he should have the serpent-like beady eyes or more cartoony ones …


Aw c’mon go with the cartoony eyes, they’re great for expression…

Your sketches are impressive, the goofy ones are the best, and that weirdo nearby the central peg hole, i don’t know what’s wrong with him but i diggggggggggggggggit!

See you around!


Cartoony eyes without doubt for me Master. Yeah, that’s what I call SKETCHES…:bounce: