Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


I finally got around to getting time to sketch out my ideas and thumbnails…Here are the two that I’ve settled with and the one on the right is what I’ve chosen.


cant wait to see more bigg0r versions. :slight_smile:


Looking good, Kei! The scene reads very clearly even at this small sketch size.
Is it just juggling balls? What about having it juggle something larger and funnier - like clowns?! :slight_smile: Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you flech it out more. Have fun!


I love your idea,Your are such an inspiration, I so want to see that show.:scream:
I also like more the prepective from the right, since the vertical lines help better catch the eye for the umbalance of the behaviour of this charming dragon or hydra?..hope to see some more of your great world …:thumbsup:


Interesting idea, I want to see where you take this. I actually like the first thumb, seems a bit more dynamic. But, I will wait to see where you will take you entry. Good luck Kei.:thumbsup:


Looks like it’s gonna be HOT! I always love seeing your progression. Each sketch is always so fun and appealling. Looking forward to seeing more!


the right compoistion si best… although i am not sure what te idea is from the smal thumbnail


Just dropping by to see your entry, thanks for leaving a comment! I just checked out some of the stuff on your portfolio, and i can’t wait till I see how this one will turn out. I really like ur painting style, design, and colors. How long do u plan to work on this?


Slav–dont worry, its coming real soon :slight_smile:

walrus- lol glad you can make out what’s happening from this tiny skecth…I’m not sure yet what he’s going to be juggling…hopefully something simple yet funny coz I want the focus on the jump and the dragons…but the clowns are a funny idea!

AxelAlonso- Awww thanks so much! youre too kind…Yes, I pictured this show sort of like “Cirque du Soleil” meets myhtical creatures… I would like to go to that show too :)!

beelow- Thank you!! Yeah what changed my mind about the first thumbnail was that I wanted a ring of fire instead of a loop… but I’ll post more of my progressions soon…

digital-bobert- hehehe thanks Bobby!

W-I-L- that’s ok, I’ll post a more detailed sketch soon.

kingjai- Thanks so much! Glad you liked my other work… I’m not sure how long I plan to work on this…because of work and such, I just want to really do my best and take my time :slight_smile:


Fantasy circus are always a place where dreams/nightmare/strangeness appear.
That’s a good choice, and your thumbnails is appealing ; Great !
I think lights will be interesting with your 2 bigs & larges points of fire orange/red strong light ( with the fire circle, and the “clown monster beast” flame )

Hey hey, strong light will force you to detail all the publics heads :smiley:
It will be fun to see, but surely long to do…

… Good luck !

( & thanks for your post on my thread )


Very nice concept!



Looks to me as a good start, and by reading the replies from the people who know your job, I can’t wait to watch the final art, good job and good luck


looking good kei!
Love the compositions. Can’t wait to see more!
go go go


DeeVad- Glad you liked it David! …thanks for the great ideas too :slight_smile:

DogMan3d- Thank you!

GogDad-Thanks so much!

Goro- Thanks Goro! I will try go go go like you do!


Here are some color studies… I’ve chosen to go with the one on the right end.


Very cool! I like the first or second ones most; there’s something really striking about the blue/yellow color scheme. It’s the hippest of the complementaries somehow.

It makes me think of King Ghidorah from the old Godzilla movies, which just makes it funnier to me :smiley: Good luck on the challenge! From the replies I’ve read you seem to have a lot of people with high hopes for you – and from your CGPortfolio, I can see why.


Thanks for the kind comments. Your work is very impressive…can’t wait to see where you go with this. Thanks.




Wow Kei,
Lovely color scheme palette,:slight_smile: I think the best one is the last one as you wisely choose already , the pink fire seems to me, more mystic and definitely more interesting as strange to came out from a creature of the show biasness haha…the weight of the fore ground and back ground on value seem to be fine, warm vs. cold really good and ivating for a main show. And the detail of the poster in the back was a nice touch. Really expecting more updates…:thumbsup:


i love multi headed dragons, and your works. so i will definitely keep a pair of eyes on this.
i agree the far right color scheme is the best of the three. its a circus and benefits from colors! even though i love night mood pics. MORE! :wip:


Looking grrreat Kei. Dragons, fire, and a circus, what else can we ask to have perfect piece? :slight_smile: