Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


Wonderful piece Kei! I love the little stories you come up with.

Your bro saved your butt! whew… hehehe


OMG That’s indeed a nightmare…with a happy end! :wink:

Awesome illustration kei! All the detail you put in there 0_o;
Really really loving it!

Good luck!


This is one of the most wonderful illustrations i’ve seen in ages! I LOVE it! The attention to detail (particularly with all the spectators and cars) is mindblowing!

I can’t tell you just how much i admire your work. I think i’ll have to order this ‘Dragons’ book that you and Bobby have put together…

And sorry to hear about your pooter. It’s funny how being a digital artist you develop a love/hate relationship with your hardware.


Hi Kei,

It’s so wonderful to see your work; each one has their own world inside of them! I am really glad you have a computer hero at home! :) I was a bit worried you couldn’t finish it on time, So Congratulation it’s very good to see how much you keep upgrading your details and how that beautiful palette of colors always turns its best to the composition![:applause:]([:arteest:]( I am also grateful for all your help and support!:D Thanks and I wish you the best.:thumbsup:


Touching illustration. Congrats on finishing your first cg challenge entry with style and quality! Good luck :thumbsup:


Wonderful final image Kei full of details . Fantastic . I really hope you’ve got time to include it in your dragon’s book from Imaginism studio . It’s gonna be my Christmas gift that I could share with my kids. Come to the gallery to get your Stars your 5*.


Hey Kei! Congratulations! Your story telling is very stunning. The scene has very nice details belongs to the concept. I love the matte painting also. Watching your new artworks will be pleasure in the future as always! Best wishes for the future! Cheers!


How did I miss this one? First time seeing it! wOW love it, the idea is great, the execution is great! Such a fun idea. Best of luck to you


Beautiful finish Kei!! Aww… will this be avalible for prints on your site?


super super cute! :love: :love: very well done indeed! nice soft feel to it :stuck_out_tongue:
congratulations! :applause: good luck to you! :thumbsup:


Kei, this is beautiful, I loved your gallery but I have just discovered what you can do and how fast you were at it too, I just love how you play with your palette and the really solid result of it.

In my book you took the gold. no lie.
thaks, it was great to witness it happen…


Very huge final, I love it ! Thanks for this nice picture Kei !


that’s so cool… great final image!
goodluck man!! truely excellent!


you finished! =)

congratulations … you have a masterpiece here =)


Wonderful job Kei!


Wow Kei thats an awesome finish… i really like the idea of this piece… and your execution was spot on… keep on rocking!!


Great Illustration Kei! I had been watching your thread but always forgot to post my comments. The WiPS all the way to the final piece are fantastic - Its a great way to see the proper way to progress through an image. Anyway, awsome finale! I like the Golden Gate-ish bridge you got goin on! Bay Area Love!haha.


My appologies everyone for a long over due response…

I’m soo overwhelmed with all your positive feedback and sweet wishes! I truly appreciate and value every one of them…

Ferx- Thanks so much! Yes my bro saved my butt for sure–cheers to you too and how did you know i love tequila! Lol…

Art2 - Glad you liked them! Painting those people were a lot of fun–i really enjoy posing them and I will post the close ups soon at my gallery post, so look out for em.

Guterrez- Wow I really appreciate all your honesty and I’m very glad to change your mind! Thank you so much for your kind praises–its really great to hear from such an artist like yourself.

Jamiewong- lol thanks for your enthusiasm! I will also post my process on the bg soon on my gallery thred.

[b]THECLYKE- Thanks a lot!

ashiataka- So glad you like it! Hooray to brothers!

adrephil- Thank you Karisa! Don’t you just hate it when these things happen! I wish you all the best too :wink:

digital-bobert- Thank you Bobby, yeah you saw me at my worst state of anxiety and panic! Thanks for calming me down :slight_smile:

Goro- Its always great to hear from you! I’m so happy you like it, and to answer your question about the cars…it took me about within a day to finish them.

Duddlebug- Wow what a complement–that put a smile on my face! Thank you so much for all your support! I can’t get enough of your space monkey!

Axel Alonso- Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to correspond with you during this challenge. You have such a great attitude and its artists like you who keep this community strong. I hope you had as much fun as I had with this challenge and I hope you keep painting and drawing, because you only get better and better.

Oweron- Thanks a lot!! I really enjoyed the theme of this challenge.

Scala- Thank you very much! The original drawing for this piece will be in the dragon’s sketches and the painting will be available as a print on our site…Thank you for all your support and I hope your kids like it!!

Ashiataka- Thank you so much! I’ll post my process for this pice soon at the gallery thread. I really enjoyed yours too and wish you all the best!

Nethken- lol Thank you Ken! I’m glad you like it…You’ve done a terrific job as well!

Lasting Memories- yes, this will be available for print on our site real soon :slight_smile:

nwiz25- Thanks for all your kind words and smiley faces! Good luck to you too!!

SteevieWoo- Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so touched you give me that gold! It was such a pleasure to what your progress too!

gpepper- Thanks a lot!!!

Versiden- Thank you , much appreciated!

laurentino- Lol Thanks so much Filipe!!!

Jason-Seiler–Awwww glad you liked it buddy!

Overcontrast- Thank you! I enjoyed your film and the characters you’ve created!

jpmonroyal- Thanks so much Juan! really happy you like it. Yes, gotta give love to the Bay Area–San Fran is just so beautiful, it was an inspiration–


Wonderful job Kei! i really like the idea of this piece…great final image!
Congrats!! Good luck!


Ah, it’s so good you could manage to finish this!
I was following from the beginning and liked the idea right away! You did a fine job on executing it! The dragons’ expressions are great!
Best of luck to you!