Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


So fast! good to see you’re closing soon! the detail is just sweet!


Some weeks go, I was afraid you to give up this challenge. That’s nice to see you came back with such a great idea. Good luck for finsihing time.


Oh wow! Awesome Kei!:drool:


Very good stuff! Remember the first sketches you did and it has come a long way, awesome details! Love the idea very much, too! :slight_smile:
Good luck!


hey kei! This is shaping up great! Lovely design and story.
Hehe how long did it take to paint those cars !? Can’t wait to see it finished!


Hi Kei, Love all the cars they also seem cute dont know why!maybe the shapes are so chuby! haha:thumbsup: your style its always a heart warmer! and for sure paints on me a big smile:scream:…Great work! One day more ! and you are done Kei! :slight_smile:


Yours is a very unique style and I really enjoy watching your paintings. Goodluck!


This one is cute and amazing ! Bravo Kei !


This is sooooo sweet and cute! :slight_smile: grins


with this new extension, you’ll be able to paint in all the little people, right Kei? hehehe… Pleeeeease!

Looking great:eek:


Hi Key

you’re going to finish your drawing … right??
i’m anxious to see it done =)

and thanks for your words … someday i’ll try to paint a lot of cars ^^

Excellent job


so very adorable!! :scream::applause::D:love: your painting has got that really nice soft feel to it! at the same time sporting a generous amount of details! :eek: rock on my friend! :buttrock: can’t wait to see the final! :stuck_out_tongue: best wishes to you! :thumbsup:


Here’s the real story: I almost wasn’t able to submit this piece because as I finally finished and had everything saved, my computer suddenly decided to stop working. It was a nightmare. I tried everything to restart or reboot my computer but Windows wouldn’t run!!

Luckily, after a few days, my brother was able to retrieve my files! (I’m so fortunate to have such a computer-savy brother!) He said its time to retire my ol’ computer.

So here it is, (all thanks to my brother)…

“Bath Time”:
Even baby sea dragons need bath toys to keep them occupied so they don’t figet too much while they’re being washed.

Hope you guys like it!



Hey Kei, … wooooowww… your brother is a hero!!! hahahaha… thanks to him we can enjoy this wonderful image!! :smiley:
Really charming and cool concept!! I love the great and detailed enviroment on the whole composition, awesome!! And the mom and baby sea dragons are simply superb!! For sure one of my fav entrys! Congratulations Kei for this awesome art work and best of luck ! and time for a well deserved cold beers… for you and your brother :smiley: … and a bunch of tequila shots ! Cheers!! :beer:


Just lovely, congratulations!
Love those tiny people, especially those juming into the water heh… :smiley:

Or are those life boats… anyway extra funny touch :smiley:


hey Kei; I can remember a few years ago I wasnt a big fan of super-extra-cute stuff, I was never really pleased with it for some reason...then Ive seen your stuff the first time over at conceptart and it hit me: holy shit, this isnt only cute, its also painted damn good with great composition and awesome lightning and with lot of character and story in it
all of this can also be found in this piece; composition is just great, colors are awesome and the characters extra charming
I`m with Ferx; time to get some beer for you and your brother :wink: best wishes for the contest


that is awesome! very cool.

i really the atmospheric look and expressive nature of the creatures. very cool. (noted againf ro euthusiasm)




Hey Kei, congratulations! That’s a stunning piece with the hilarious idea, nice coloring and great composition on the scene. Everything is cheerful! By the way that’s great to have a brother with a skills on computer problems! (I’m fortunate too to have a computer-savy brother of my fiancee!) Bravo again! Cheers!


All Right!:thumbsup: …i’ve been waiting for your final image…so happy your done:bounce: …(thank god for brothers eh?!..:wise: …electricity went when i was doing mine, however i didn’t lose much!)… i’ve been following your progress since, and Kei, Excellent, excellent concept:applause: … definitely, very strange behavior and all the while still being a fun piece!..well done and best wishes,