Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kei Acedera


Kei Acedera is entered in the “Strange Behavior Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Bath Time


WooHoo! my first challenge! Good luck with everyone and I can’t wait to see great ideas!


Yay! Kei’s in. Can’t wait to see your piece!


Take cover, folk, she has entered the challenge! :wink:
With what I’ve seeing you do, I think I’ll go hiding in a corner…

Seriously, though, it’s great that you’re in and I’ll be sure to follow your thread, can’t wait to see what you’ll propose.

Best of luck and have fun!


so cool to see you in.
welcome and good luck!


welcome kei:)im gonna stick around in ur thread for sure:scream:good luck


I am expecting to go ‘awww!’ at least once while surfing this thread in the future. Please don’t disappoint me!

:scream: Great seeing you, Kei.


Hi Kei, welcome to the challenge. I must say this one’s made for you too. :thumbsup:


OooOh, this could be a good one… Great to see you here, Kei! Best of luck with your first challenge!




Awww Thanks so much guys! I’ll do my best :wink:


Hy Jonny, where’s your Strange Behavior thread?!


Wohoo Kei! How area ya?
Looking forward to your submissions!!


Subscribing to this one… :slight_smile:


Hi Kei,

I love your style I have big expectetions now ! and let’s have fun!


…uh oh, this challenge is becoming a all star showcase :scream:

[subscribed, of course]


[left]YEAH! you are in, can´t wait to see more of your drawings!!!



Goro- I’m doin good, long time no hear! how are you?!..yes! and I’m looking forward to yours :slight_smile:

Art2- I hope i don’t disappoint!

AxelAlonso-aww thanks so much! I’m doing my very best…

notpill-- aww thank you for the complement! but anyone can win this :slight_smile:

renderwhite- I’ll post the drawings very soon!


I’m doing good too! Thanks. Well I was pretty busy animating over a year now.
I’m almost done with my current project. I’ll prepare my new Demo Reel in the next few
weeks. So stay tuned :wink:



Hello Kei,
I’am really happy to see you in this challenge. This will be a cool summer with so much of cool guy on this challenge as you. I wish you good luck, and I’m curious to see your first concepts.


hi, so so… where the wips!? :stuck_out_tongue: good luck nhear