Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kazimierz Fit


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Latest Update: Final Image: Stigmata


well i thought of something diferent for this challenge, i will try to capture a moment where a girl reading a bible recieves a stigmata from God.


currently i’m much further with this piece but here’s the step where i try to get the colour palette ready, i’m pretty happy how the face works out


and here’s the current stand


well i’m trying to get the face as i want it to be but still way off


a bit closer to what i want to achieve,starting to block out the dress hand and book…


now i have the hand blocked out in place, but still have to work on the fingers and shading, i will move the cross up and see how it works out, i want it silver and pretty complicated, the second thing is the rosary, if the cross works out fine i won’t add the rosary, but i’m pretty sure the most work will go to the clothing, the flame burning out the stigma will be a pretty tricky thing aswell.


after a long time of remaking the hand i finally have the right shape, now it’s for the details, next stop the dress.


dress finally blocked out,color changed,now it’s for the detail, the face still requires some liquifier tool work cuz after a mirror flip it still looks quite off, there will be pretty much more blood aswell,and a second stigma on the hand, i’m happy becouse everythings finally there-as mentioned now for the details. Any comments/crits…i’m pretty alone here :((


really like your sketch! :stuck_out_tongue: the colours are pretty bold! white … pink … even black … good choice i must say! :stuck_out_tongue: make the blood more apparent by letting it trickle down her hand and on the white dress as well … that will surely be a hit!..
try adding more gloss to her eyes as if she’s about to cry …
just ideas :wink: hope they help ya :stuck_out_tongue: really love ur work!
good luck to u! :thumbsup:


worked a bit on the dress,now it’s for the blood


Hey, you’ve been working hard! Ithink you heve beeen posting more frecuently than anyone else in the illustration challenge lately!, don’t feel lonely :wink: these last days everyone seems to be either taking a break or working really hard to catch up with things, but is great you entered too. I have a feeling for this kind of mistic things so I like your picture a lot, I could suggest you to make the hair a bit less ‘flat’ on the area over the eye, where it is more lit, I guess you’re still on that…

I think it’d look fine if you make the overall feel of the painting more yellow-amber and fade to darker tones in the edges of the canvas, as in old, weathered colonial church paintings, you could try this in the end with a filter.
Good work! keep it on!:thumbsup:


Thx for the warm words Steevie,…yeah the little adjustments will take a solid amount of time.


here’s a first shot at the oryginal res, the chair will be pretty much diffrent in the final image, much more bulky, i want to add a small baby angel flying aswell,i’m feeling her right hand will be a pain in the a$$


better quality sample,not yet a milestone…


the last update doesnt quite look as rich as the others. but its a great image none the less.


Well, nice work…


Hey thanks guys for dropping by, finally some life in my thread… i’m happy like a child.
@Slav:please specify , but i think it’s the reddish tonation, i’ll have to stick to it…


Ok the dress is starting to pop out, tomorrow’s sunday and maybe then i’ll be able to make some solid progress, still many things to do, i’m a bit confused with the milestones thingy, final image is the last update or can i repost it many times ? any crits…


well i really like this update.

the colors look rich and warm. i am not sure but somehow the white dress makes the other colors look chalky and desaturated. even though i am sure that its not the case. maybe try to really saturate your darks, or something a along those lines. just a suggestion though. maybe i am just going nuts here. i don’t know.