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little huey is on his first day on the job as a cupid when he takes a tumble…this scene illustrates the devil (portrayed as an aged tormentor) coming to his aid to try and comfort him. satan offers him a candy bar (peeking from his pocket there’ll be other candy as well) so as to placate his howling, however the devil is only too conscious of this act and hence the timid way in which he gives it and the furtive glances he casts over his shoulder, all to see if anyone is witnessing this out-of-character act. i intend to have peering from behind the clouds (on the opposite side of his glance) other angels (in the clouds above there’ll be good angels and at the bottom towards the rear a few evil ones…)…alll with dumbfounded looks on their faces. (however, not too much to distract though :slight_smile: ) …i’m pretty excited about this challenge (being my first)…i love the theme…and my idea…i welcome any comments

Karisa :slight_smile:

P.S. for the devil i wanted to portray as an old man firstly beacause he centuries old and also to give another dimension to the piece… he represents those cranky, people who have always been known as a scrooge, with a heart of ice but when they are old, and life have taken its toll, they become somewhat tender-hearted…though they go through great lengths to hide it.


Lol this is funny…great concept! Are you planning to give it that renaissance-church like painting style–hahaha that would be hilarious…great start, keep it up!


thanks Kei :slight_smile: !..great suggestion…a renaissance flare yet with a humorous, somewhat cartoony approach will be cool!

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well,i had a change of heart about my pervious proposal :)…so yesterdy while i was doodling eyes, some how this idea evolved and i love it!..i wanted something more intimate and wimsical! :slight_smile: so here i have a little girl who comes across this strange scene…a lady butterfly touching up her wardrobe (lol)…)in a way it is relative to how women put on make up and such)…also it can illustrate the ridiculous stories we are told as kids when we wonder why or how something came about, only to be told some outlandish reason (for example, the stork :)) … so now suppose such a tale was proven to be true by a chance discovery… How strange!!
(to us who believe its not possible i.e.)

sorry…because all lines are not heavily defined…:slight_smile:


Thought it was standing on her nose, couldn’t figure out that there was a branch or sth. at the first look. But does the girl really need to be there? I mean the butterfly is the main character and it’s behaviour is strange(to us) no matter if there is a human(other than us) watching it or not. Wouldn’t it be better if you focus on the butterfly and develop the idea a little more, exaggerate it maybe?


Hi Karisa good to see you!
I think the girl could be there but not necesarly right in front of the scene, she could be peeping from one side, like not wanting to disturb the butterfly, or fearing she would fly away. Anyway the girl is a good element and adds dept to the scene and the story behind it!

Good work!


thank you sadunkal and steeviewoo for you comments :)…so cool to have feedback…well i’m submitting another image of my wip so everyone can kinda see what i’m going for (a bit nervous)…note the face is no where near completed, but i was going crazy focusing on it alone so as to get a new perspective i had to jump to other parts…lol…for lighting, i wanted the sky’s glow behind her…yet i’m thinking for the foreground to have it darker (as its a kind of burrow with the twiggy bushes) with soft shafts of light filtering through…i’m really feeling the centered face as i intend to have her expressive eyes reflect a little of the scene…i’d love to hear any comments!

P.S. i’m really enjoying this competion…(my first)…and now my siblings just about ready to cripple me for hoarding the computer!..very loud, evil cackle


Woow color was what it was lacking of, just that!!

I like it very much now, it has such a warm mood! and the hair is really well done already! my only crit would be that the color of the butterfly is not the best to contrast against the girl’s face, you could make her blue or anything so she doesn’t get lost.
Well, keep it like this Karisa, I wanna see more!:thumbsup:


I do very much like this, and you have your composition figured out in your mind, only thing left is to execute :slight_smile: I like the thought of having the reflections of the environment which we can’t see, hinting in her eyes. This is a very fun image and I am sure you are having a blast!:bounce: This is my first CGChallenge also and I am estatic:D Take good care of this image and massage it until you are happy. I do agree with Gabriel (SteevieWoo) that the butterfly would need to stand out quie a bit from the skin of the girl, and the blue family of colors would certainly do the trick. Also could try the red family since red is a great attention grabber.

Enjoy Karisa! Happy painting!


i’m feeling the pressure now …(school is killing me)…anyways, i’m working on the eyes now and i’m very pleased as to where it’s going…i have this little mirror that i’m constantly checking my eyes in…so here is where i am so far …(i just did the sharp white highlight and lashes to get pespective…some refining still to be done was well as the other eye :slight_smile: ) P.S: i completed the skin …
N.B: i was lazy, so i jus did a screen capture and called that George!

btw Steewiewoo…glad you saw what i’m going for :slight_smile:


thank you too Hiun for your positive enforcement:love: …i, will too, do it justice!:thumbsup: …lol …yip this too is my first challenge…wish you the best!:scream:



hey that’s a great skin texture! what arer you using? scatered brushes? it’s getting good indeed… Uh… I think the eyelashes are just too thin, maybe efect of the big eyes… I don’t know…

Also take good care of the border of the face, you can really score high with it if you get a nice, peachy and round effect,…

Sweet work Karisa, I really enjoy it a lot!


Wow! Your subtle rendering of the curved shapes of the head and the nose are so smooth, and your skin texture is so nice, when I first looked at this I thought it was a 3D render. Beautiful work on the hair and the eye too… in fact everything you have down so far is great… the only problem is that you still have a ways to go, what with 15 weeks down and just over one left to go. Hurry and get this finished! Good luck… :thumbsup:


thanks steeviewoo and walrus:) !..well i started off using a scattered brush…however the effect wasn’t random enough so (for such an up close view) so in the end i had to do individual stippling with a small fuzzy round one:scream: …i will be thickening the lashes (that’s just my outline you’re seeing…:slight_smile: ) …by peachy effect i gather you mean the fine hairs on her skin catching the light…oh yes, i’ll be doing that final touch!:thumbsup: …yeah walrus…i’m really putting in the hours now…(it’s so hard with school and all…my teachers are a menace!:twisted: …lol…) …anyways…will post soon, bye!



I hope your eyes are less crossed !!! Maybe, you cross your eyes to see a stereoscopic picture of insect painter?
It’s a joke, of course
The little girl is very cute !


yay!, i’ve finished the girl!..however the eyes with the reflections will be done last when the foreground is done…i’ve blocked out the colors i’ll be using for the wings etc…(took you suggestion steviewoo and changed the color of the butterfly…pink’s good huh? :slight_smile: )…anyways hope you all like it!

Karisa :slight_smile:


Pink is good Karisa, but not the highest contrast, now is up to you to make it stand up with light and shadow work, and I think you will do it great!:applause:


Wow… your painting’s really good… the little girl looks like it’s done in 3d. the texturing is just awesome. the rim light with the tiny hairs is very nicely done… great job


This is looking SO good! :thumbsup:
The way you painted the girl is amazing! She really looks like a 3D model, and a really good one, well shaded and rendered! And those hair are just lovely!
Nice work, admire people who can paint like this!