Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Karen Petrasko


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Latest Update: Final Image: Ghost Duster


At this stage, I had the idea of a witch cowgirl who chases down rebel ghosts on her broom. Usually I start my concepting process with a lot of random sketching in order to figure out the character’s expressions and going from there. Once I have a feel for the identities and personalities of the characters, I move on to composing the image around their behavior.


Next, I scan in the sketches that I like to piece together an image. I fade back the opacity of my ‘jigsaw’ sketch on a layer. On a new layer, I redraw and clean up the line work, which is shown here.


Here’s what the final looks like so far, I’ve finished it a couple weeks early to have a chance to think it over and work in any changes. I’ve went through a lot of different faces for the witch until I found one that I thought suited the situation. I was trying to come up with a good balance of making the viewer feel pity for the ghost but not necessarily villanize the cowgirl witch.


wow!! i really like the pallet and the composition! i love how soft it feels…


NIce!! It’s realy pleasure to watch this PIcture.


Very nice image and lovely colours.


nice cartoon like stile…


Since the deadline was extended, I decided to go ahead and tweak my final a little more. I played around with levels, making the image a little more blue than it was previously. It seemed to help make the colors feel a little more vibrant. I also cleaned up some of the edges. I’m still trying to find that balance in my work between painterly and polished.


Hi Karen,

I like the style and colors a lot! :smiley: I love the witch! Well the ghost to haha! :applause:Great work! I don’t know if you are going to upgrade another final! but to me looks great already gives a bit the idea of pastel texture in it! I like that! :thumbsup:


Hey Karen, really nice image. I love the mood and the style on your concept, cool!!

Congratulations for this great artwork and good luck!!:slight_smile:


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