Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Hey Kamal,

Amazing art and diplomatic networking ability! You present an intriguing contrast between the beautiful women with the fantasy art hair and the medical documentation of the man’s heart. Love the hair effects. Not sure if you should keep the Painter-X interface as part of you work. :wink: Hope to see the latest update soon. :smiley:


hi Kamal,

the hair(final right?) and the heart are looking very nice!!Congrats!


Ralph (Korendo) - Hey Ralph, nice to see you!:smiley: Thank you so much for your kind commentary and attention to detail. As for the Painter X screen shots, there will be no more from this point. I took those when I was still working so I didn’t have to render out, and it showed what I needed to show. I hope you enjoy the updates! :bounce: Thanks for your support my friend!

Doug - Hey Doug! Yeah that is the final hair, you should have seen the stages it went through,:sad: a lot of failed ones; as it was for many things in the image. But failures are what you learn most from, so I am not sad about that :smiley: Thank you so much for the support and encouraging words. I wish you all the best my friend!


Had a change of mind about the hand touching the head of the male. I wanted her to have a more gentle stroking feel instead of the previous quick layout where she just seems to be resting her hand on the head.


Flower pattern breakdown and implementation in hair construction.


Papers created to use in specific areas, such as to hold interest on main characters and focal area. All images chosen work within the theme.


Areas where custom created papers are used (color). (Using a Sharp Chalk in Painter X to pull the forms from the grain of the paper)


Intended flow of image. Using color and texture, this is the basic flow I followed. From the inner most of the swirl outward down to the tail. I wanted first read to be in the swirl area.


Warm versus Cool, using Asymmetry to pull focus. This is the basic idea behind the use of color in the image. The patch of blue (cool) versus that vast amount of red & orange (warm)automatically pulls eye to the most obvious (lesser used) color temperature. The warm color (heart) sitting on the cool provides another key focus within the main focus (blue).


Finished! The image at FULL Canvas. The crop is the only thing left. Suggestions are more than welcome for this final step. I will upload various crops which you can vote on, or if you have any ideas, feel free to share. There are many ways to crop this image as I have been through several. It will be great to hear what you think and how you would crop this.

I will personally always have this image and crop it however I so choose, but what is the best from a general standpoint is what I am after.

Thanks in advance my friends!


First crop.


Whoa!! Looking really cool Kamal!


Count Post #168 as Crop 2. I actually like that one, but I could really use your help guys :smiley:


Bobby - Thank you so much Bobby!! I am so happy you like it :smiley: You made me feel several pounds lighter:bounce: It’s been a rough past week. Thank you so much for the support!


OMG! now that’s art man :eek: , I love those colors, and I love this style!

Congrats man!


Jassar - Thank you so MUCH Jassar! I greatly appreciate all that love :love:I am very very thrilled that you like the art :smiley: This has been a fantastic experience and it’s great having people like yourself around to share the experience with. Thank you so much for all the support you have given me my friend, I am forever grateful.


WOW! Can you see people? Those colors seem to live! So vibrant and wisely used! I’m in love with the piece, so good one, yes sir. The hand position is a gentle one, very nice, I like the final result a lot. Best of the Lucks! :smiley: claps Bravo!


Zara (Nemesix) - You always have the kindest things to say:D Thank you so very much for everything and your never ending support Zara. I am extremely happy that you love it! :bounce:
I wish you all the Best as well!!


Wow Kamal, you really made some amazing artwork! :bowdown: The colorchoice is superb, and the composition is also perfect! It’s really cool you showed those images about your composition (flow and colorchoice) as it really shows of the ingenius idea behind this image.

I’m sure this one will be looking veeery good when printed as poster, or when it’s seen in a Ballistic book! (hint :deal: )!

Take a rest - you are allowed to enjoy the deadline-rush from a distance! :twisted:


Gijs (Dutchman) - Thank you so much for those very upflifting words! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to express your opinions to me and I am very happy you are pleased with my work. I will take a rest my friend, thank you so much for stopping by.

I wish you all the best in everything you do!:thumbsup: