Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Kamal Khalil


Hey Kamal, this is looking great. I love the pattern work you’re doing and it blends very nicely with the rest of the painting. Your tutorial made me want to learn painter even more. I never used it before and now it’s a must! Keep up the good work!


Rianti - Thank you so much Rianti for your critique:D That very same issue was brought up very early in the development by a friend of mine (making the heart bigger). I have made the heart human size but just a little bigger than it should be, not noticeable, but just a little bit in the update. The reason I decided NOT to exaggerate the heart is the exact reason you want me to; it will get more focus. The heart isn’t the TRUE focus of the image:) It’s surely an important part but not what you will spend your time looking at. I have instead a focal AREA than an actual focal object.

Wow, there is a lot to tell and show, but I need to update! :smiley: I am so happy you stopped by to share your thoughts with me. It is always great to hear concerns of others for my work, it helps me a lot. I really appreciate it.

I love your work very much Rianti, and I wish you all the best in everything you do.


Jeff - Hey Jeff! I missed you buddy. I have been so busy, I can’t even think straight. I feel like I am moving extremely fast in slow motion. Hahahaha, I know that makes no sense! I always love your encouragement and it really helps me along, thank you so much for that.

I am happy I could ignite a desire in you to give Painter a try. I find it amazing how a lot of people don’t even know what it is :smiley: I didn’t know what is was either though until this year. Shocked I was I tell ya! SHOCKED at my ignorance hahaha. I have a lot to show and a lot I would like to break down, so this will be a fun upcoming week I believe.

Thanks for all the support my friend!!:thumbsup:


Great! go go go!! :thumbsup: , can’t wait to see this one finished…


Jassar - Thanks my friend! :smiley:


Hey ! is great how you made a really cool and convincing ‘blood stain over fabric’ Using a flower-based brush!
I will try it tanks. all the fabric look much better now, softer and cozy, it fits the image and boosts the mood a lot!

Well, Kamal, you have a great piece here, keep going to the end!:wip::wip::wip:


Gabriel (SteevieWoo) - Thank you so much Gabriel I really needed the encouragement, I have been a bit sluggish lately. I hope to be finished soon :smiley:


After many experimentations and trials the hair is now finalized. (Using Painter X - A combination of Watercolor, Oil paint, blending bristle, and a pattern brush with personalized custom made flowers)


I have lots of updating to do guys as I have been working constantly, a lot was done. So I will break them apart as I continue to refine the image which is in the final stages. Just a lot of cleaning up to do :D. This has been very FUN and demanding all at the same time and a bit FRUSTRATING too. But I am happy things have come together. I hope you guys like it and I also hope that you will enjoy the upcoming updates. Thanks for everything!:thumbsup: See you all soon!:bounce:



Kamal! wow so many details in color and also in the textures of them! love them a beautyfull style you have I am sure you got some work to do and hope it all will come as you wish…great work! waiting for the final one gere haha!:thumbsup:


Hey Kamal, the hair looks awesome my friend !! I love the colours and pattern, really cool… and the heart texture is amazing!! great !! Again, superb work my friend! Cheers!! :beer:


Great work! The hair is awesome! I like it. And the heart is alive (it’s a metaphor:D)
However I think it would be more integrated with the rest (only tyhe style)… but your work isn’t finished yet, I suppose you’ll refine and detail your image.


this looks really great my friend, the patterns add a mystical and dreamy feeling to it
the colors could be a bit stronger imo like in your first try
I`m curious to see the hole picture, keep up the cool work


Axel - Thanks a lot Axel! Yeah I have quite a bit of refining to do, but I am in the downhill stretch :thumbsup: Thank you so much for your constant support and encouragement!

Ferx - Hey Ferx, thanks for stopping by my friend. Thank you for your comments and support. I am happy you like it :bounce: Updates coming soon! :smiley:

Rafael (RafaTer) - Thanks for your comments and critique Rafael, always appreciated :smiley: You have a point on making an image integrate. But in this case I think you will be even more thrown off if you see everything hahaha :scream: There is a very different method I am using to complete this image and you will soon see what I mean. As a WHOLE it comes together great, and the variety of renders give life to each element. I am going for focal renders than making everything feel the same, because they aren’t the same. I don’t want a ‘scene’ I want a ‘feel’. It has been hard my friend, because it’s so much easier to just render everything the same. I never would have thought that, till now, but it’s funny how much harder it was for me NOT to render everything and still have things fit and work together in the image. The heart is the most realistic render because amongst everything happening in the image, it is the only realistic element there. Everything else seems so out of normal behavior and more like a dream, so I treat each element for what they represent.

I hope you will enjoy the full image :smiley: Thank you so much for your critique my friend, and another thank you for your generous comments. Yeah I do have quite a bit of refining to do.


[color=darkorange]Mathias (guterrez) - [/color]Hey my friend, great to see you!! Thank you so much for sharing your opinions, you know I love them :thumbsup: I am happy you feel that way about the hair because mystical/dreamy is certainly the feel I wanted. I will revist the past color experiments and see what I find, so I will look into that my friend. I hope you will enjoy the full view :bounce:


I like your concept so much. And the drawing itself that umm it sounds strange but I want you to draw me.


Symphony - :scream:Hahaha, yes it does sound a little strange :slight_smile: but thank you very much! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to have a look at my entry.:bounce: Feel free to stop by and share your thoughts with me. :thumbsup:


Kamal hair is looking great my friend, a feeling that is both mechanic and organic. Maybe the right side of her face is a little too dark that it looks pitch black in my monitor, unless that’s what you are going for. Can’t wait to see the full image!..


Jeff - Hey! Good to see you as always! Thanks for that critique on the face because I didn’t take that into consideration because I know what’s there :smiley: Before I altered the pillow it was a lot more obvious that her face doesn’t show since it’s almost full profile and it’s buried into the pillow. I see where you would think otherwise, so I will see what I can do. I really wanted her to sink into the shape to show it’s softness.Thanks Jeff!


Kamal ma man! :bounce: great to c ya! your new update rocks dude! :buttrock: love the hair colour and structure! :eek: the heart is well detailed! and damn … looks really fleshy too! :eek: good work bro! :thumbsup:
waiting for final showdown! go go go kamal! :applause: